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ΣAE At CU-Boulder Looking To Become Youngest Person Ever To Fly Around The World Solo

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Update: Per a tipster, Jack is a member of ΣAE at CU-Boulder. A quick look at their active roster confirms it.

What are you 21-year-old college students up to this summer? Just coasting your way through those two general studies summer school classes? Are you just killing brain cells, getting high and drunk at mom and dad’s house? Trying to roll out of bed before noon and catch some rays by the pool? Maybe checking out those mysterious rashes by your junk with that one leg up on the counter spread-eagle pose in the mirror? Get your shit together, people.

Be a little more like University of Colorado at Boulder student Jack Wiegand. Jack is currently on a journey to become the youngest person ever to complete a solo flight around the world, and he’s rocking the bomber jacket-aviators combo like he was born wearing it.

From his Facebook page, Solo Flight 20/13:

I’m Jack Wiegand and in May 2013 I plan to break the world record by becoming the youngest person to fly solo around the world.

The balls on this guy Jack. Man! I’m surprised to see he’s not piloting a 747 jumbo jet in order to fit those things on board. That cockpit has gotta be just all balls.

Jack is currently out over the north Pacific per his flight tracker. According to his most recent update on the Facebook page, he got held up in Japan due to some disadvantageous weather conditions. Then, with the tail wind he was waiting for, he was off again headed for the Land of the Free.

I was at Kushiro airport from 1500 to 2130 today to see if I was going to be able to leave. Everything looked as if it was going to be a go until the very last minute. I got my final weather brief from Alaska and was not comfortable with the conditions. It is approx. 11 hours to Adak and when I arrive there is no alternate to divert to. I had to make a very difficult decision tonight, not to go, but unless I am completely comfortable with the weather I will not take off.

I am 21 today which will still be good for the world record when I get home. I hope everyone can celebrate my birthday back home by having a drink or two. It is funny because although I have not been legally allowed to drink in the States; all the countries I have been in have been under 21 for the most part. I have felt 21 for some time now. I am still celebrating in my own way from the mini fridge. My first beer!

Again thank you for all the support! I really appreciate all the support from everyone. It gives me inspiration to keep going. I hope everyone can be there when I land. If you have reached out to my directly please send any questions again when I get home. I am happy to answer them but over the last couple of months things have been very hectic and busy.

Best Regards,
Jack Wiegand

All Jack wants to do when he gets home is celebrate his 21st and start pounding beers. If his friends and family don’t get him ten-toes-dragging-to-his-bedroom drunk, then they’re doing it wrong. You gotta love this kid.

[via Facebook]


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