U.S. Navy Carrier Headed To Intercept Shipment Of Iranian Arms

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The U.S. Navy is the most powerful navy in the world. In fact, it’s more powerful than several of the next most powerful navies combined. That’s just how we roll. Given that, you’d have to either be pretty damn brave or extremely stupid to try to pull anything that doesn’t meet our approval on the high seas. Leaning more towards the side of stupidity than bravery, it seems that some Iranian ships are trying to pull some very stupid shit.

A convoy of Iranian ships has been identified headed full steam towards Yemen. Their mission is to supply the anti-government Houthi rebels, an insurgent group involved in the fighting taking place in the shitshow known as Yemen, with arms and equipment.

I’m not going to get into the details of this whole situation, but in short, the Iranian government supporting the Houthi fighters is not something that’s in our best interests or in the interests of our allies in the region. As you’d expect, this aggression will not stand.

We’re not about to let this shit fly — or sail. In response to the Iranian supply convoy, the United States Navy has deployed the USS Theodore Roosevelt, a nuclear powered aircraft carrier, as well as her compliment of supporting ships, to the waters off Yemen to intercept the Iranian supply ships if necessary.

There’s nothing that protects our interests at sea like a motherfucking aircraft carrier. It’s got planes, helicopters, and other advanced weapons systems –not to mention a group of other ships that sail with it.

So keep it up, Iran. The United States Navy is our nation’s proverbial “Big Stick.” Don’t make us swing it.

[via USA Today]

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