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U.S. Marine Goes Fishing, Catches Great White Shark

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Is there anything our serviceman can’t do? In yet another display of American Military bad-assery, U.S. Marine Jeff Fangman caught a Great White Shark while fishing in a kayak on his base just north of San Diego. As if hazing terrorists and catching average aquatic life wasn’t enough of a thrill for our pal Jeff, the self-described big-game angler reeled in a Great White measuring just over 10ft long. Vladimir Putin fighting bears with his bare hands (pun intended) has nothing on a Marine catching a shark.

Due to some liberal California BS endangerment laws, however, he was forced to release his catch back into the wild. Fangman wasn’t too beat up about it though, and was happy to release his catch to swim off into ocean to go fuck up some poor, lesser fisherman, jaws-style. When asked how he feels about his catch, and the dangers of being so close to the ocean’s most dangerous predator, Fangman told the local news affiliate, “Just still kind of elated at the moment”. Typical Marine response: Being giddy off your ass after being faced with one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. I’d be willing to bet my money that Fangman had a Sgt. Hartman-esque drill instructor during boot camp who beat the fear of death out of him like Rocky beat that damn Commie Russian in Rocky IV.

If I were him, I’d have had that shit hung above the mantel in my house. Power Move. That’s a fishing story that will win the metaphorical (albeit not always metaphorical) dick measuring contests that inevitably happen on fishing expeditions.

Well done not only catching the shark, but being an ethical and responsible fisherman as well Mr. Fangman. Semper Fi.

[via GrindTV]


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