Twitter Compared To KKK For Blocking Condom Ads

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I’ve always considered Twitter to be pretty amazing in the scope of fraternity life. It’s everything I love about communication: the minimal effort to see 10s in yoga pants, the limit for girls to speak in 140 characters or less, and the fact I can directly remind Tom Crean that he had two of the top four picks in last year’s draft and still couldn’t figure out how to beat Syracuse with multiple days of preparation. They’ve played a 2-3 zone for more than 30 years, Tom!

Twitter is looking to become even more FAF, because like many of the readers on this site, it hates condoms–or so Lucky Bloke and Momdom Condoms claim. Both contraception companies are royally pissed, because their promoted tweets were denied and are being blocked from the social media’s advertising campaign.

I can’t speak for Twitter, but CEO Dick Costolo was a FIJI at Michigan, and if he’s like every other red-blooded fraternity man, his raw dog to safe sex ratio should give you an indication of where the social networking service stands on the love glove debate.

So what was the tweet that was apparently too scandalous to promote?

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With all of the experience that I’ve never used from my marketing minor, I am ashamed of the lack of creativity of the tweet, but it doesn’t seem to really warrant anything that is any more offensive than what I tweet on a daily basis (SHAMELESS PLUG: follow me @jordangersh). All in all, it seems like a lousy yet effective ad to persuade everyone except the cast of “Teen Mom” to go buy and/or return jimmy hats that may or may not have been used. However, apparently Twitter did not agree with me in regards to said tweet.

From Business 2 Community:

Both companies say that Twitter cited advertising policies against “adult or sexual products and services” when denying their ads. That policy currently plainly states that ads for “contraceptives” aren’t allowed, along with, among other things, ads for pornography, prostitution, and erotic massages. The policy then strangely seems to contradict itself, saying that ads for “Condoms” (clearly a contraceptive) are allowed in many countries, including the United States and Canada, so long as they don’t contain any “sexual conduct” and comply with local laws. Ads promoting sexual education, it should be noted, are allowed.

While Twitter does promote some contraception companies, it inevitably denied Lucky Bloke’s tweets and refused to run the campaign, citing against “adult or sexual products and servicer.” Twitter went on to say that it was not only the tweet but also Lucky Bloke’s entire profile that was ineligible for sponsorship consideration.

Naturally, the classy cock sock company took Twitter’s rejection in stride, accepted defeat, and took to the high road…

Yeah fucking right.

Mic drop.

SHIT JUST GOT REAL. Lucky Bloke went scorched earth style against Twitter in 140 characters of glory, even creating a good, ol’ American petition to stop Twitter from bullying the likes of Lucky Bloke and to remove condoms from its ad block list. So far, the salty cries of injustice have gone overlooked, and both Lucky Bloke and Momdom’s tweets remain unpromoted by the media giant.

While I think Lucky Bloke’s original tweet is dumb and unoffensive, I’m going to have to side with Big Twitter in the end for fear that it will hack my account and send out all of those extremely non-masculine post-workout pictures I may or may not have taken for several lady friends to the entirety of my whopping 300 some followers.

Last time I checked, this is America. If a company doesn’t want to promote your shit, then that’s its right. Twitter can do whatever the fuck it wants, and with McDonald’s Bacon Clubhouse tweets running through my feed every five seconds, I think it’s safe to say Twitter doesn’t really need the cash flow from the likes of Lucky Bloke. The media conglomerate isn’t going away anytime soon (but the Bacon Clubhouse is, because if those tweets have told me anything, it’s that the Bacon Clubhouse is only available for a limited time). I mean, honestly, who cares if Twitter is or isn’t promoting condoms? Have you seen who’s having kids these days? It’s not like half of us use them, and we all know sex feels so much better without one anyway.

BUT if Twitter ever decides to censor anything that has to do with Plan B, then we’re going to have a really serious problem.

[via Business 2 Community]

Image via Twitter

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