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Here’s A Video Of A Kid’s Attempt To Tear Down Someone’s Booby Trapped Trump Sign Ending Poorly

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Like I always say, “When two dicks meet, things can get hot.” You know what? I’m just now hearing how that sounds. It’s starting to make a lot of sense why the police were called on me after I broke up that fist fight between two eighth graders and tried to give them some advice about not being mean people at a nearby playground the other day. Whoops.

That now-retired saying of mine is still pretty apt in regard to this video, though. If you tear down someone else’s political signs, you’re a dick. If you boobytrap your own political signs with electricity and film an aforementioned dick getting electrocuted trying to take the sign down, you’re kind of a dick too. Especially if you then release that video to the world. Granted, it’s hilarious and we all appreciate you doing it, red state Kevin McCallister, but you’re still a dick.

And, of course, things did technically get hot.

Here’s the video:

I can’t exactly say I feel bad for this kid (because I don’t). But I can also safely say that I wouldn’t want to live in a neighborhood with a man who sets booby traps and films them. Just a real solid human interaction here.

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