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Trump Attended A “Heroes And Villains” Themed Party Dressed As Himself

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From The Washington Post:

President-elect Donald Trump ventured out Saturday night to attend a “Heroes and Villains”-themed costume party dressed as … himself.

The Long Island gathering was hosted by the Mercer family, among Trump’s biggest donors, and attended by some of his top aides, including former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, who appeared as Superwoman.

Trump arrived at the family’s estate shortly after 8:30 p.m., according to a pool report, wearing a dark suit, an overcoat and a checkered tie. Asked whom he was dressed as, Trump pointed at himself and mouthed “me.”

That headline is technically the truth. Trump did do this. He showed up to a party themed “Heroes and Villains” dressed as himself. But it’s also misleading. Because it’s a headline. I would say, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game,” but really you should probably hate both.

Even though we’re but a humble online dick jokery and are in no way journalists, we’re still part of the game at large — that being media, information, and journalism — and that excuse shouldn’t really be acceptable once something reaches a certain level of importance. It definitely didn’t fly in Nuremberg, and God knows they tried.

So no, I don’t actually think Trump thought to himself, “Ha, here’s a good one. I’m going to go to this heroes and villains party dressed as myself.” Yes, he did tell a reporter that was his costume, but that was clearly just your typical Trump bullshitting. The fun kind that makes him likable. Not the kind where he motherfucks Saturday Night Live in the middle of the night because they aren’t portraying him as a genius, saintly, savior president who also has a huge dong and fucks hot chicks and is in general just really cool and popular and good at lots of stuff.

In reality, our future president wore no costume at all to the costume party, which makes sense. He strikes me as the type of guy who never wears a costume to a party. He’s a pretty vain dude, and tends to “play by his own rules,” the latter of which often times seems to manifest itself in the form of him simply doing the opposite of what he’s been asked to do.

Advisor: Mr. Trump, we’d appreciate it if you would have a little bit more tact when tweeting.

*Trump whips out phone, types, “Hear old man Bernie Sanders losing his mind. Will probably wander into Vermont woods and die. Sad. Also I will make China’s gov suck my D :p”, hits ‘Tweet’*

Trump: No.

Advisor: [to himself] Wow this guy really plays by his own rules.

*Trump nods happily*

Here’s Trump at the party with his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, who is dressed as Super Girl.

I’d do the same thing if I were him. Without thinking twice about it.

[via The Washington Post]

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