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Trinity College to Make All Fraternities Co-ed

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This wouldn’t fly at John Blutarsky’s school, and the students at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut aren’t going down without swinging either, as evidenced by this online student petition that states the following:

“We, the students, alumni, parents & friends of Trinity College, believe the school’s new rules for fraternities and sororities are unjustly onerous and would effectively eliminate proprietary elements of the Trinity experience that have been vital for generations. We renounce this profoundly misguided policy in the strongest possible terms and ask that it be significantly revised to reflect reasonable standards consistent with other student organizations at Trinity.

[Your name]”

Click here to read the letter to the students of Trinity College, written by the university president and a Board of Trustees Chairman. Here is the meat of it:

Last week we announced the unanimous decision of the Trustees to move forward with a comprehensive plan to build our social community at Trinity. In the days since that announcement we have heard from many students, alumni, parents, and faculty regarding the initiatives and, in particular, the co-education mandate. We wish to be clear that we want Greek life at Trinity College to succeed and uphold the traditions that have had a positive effect on the community. The Board of Trustees’ vote was not one to abolish the Greek system. We voted to reinvigorate the co-education mandate that was originally approved in 1992 and only partially adhered to in the time since. Accordingly, the Trustees have empowered the College to establish an implementation committee to oversee the full set of recommendations, including the co-ed mandate. This committee will have broad discretion in overseeing the plan.

The rest of the letter is just there to soften the blow. But make no mistake, greek life at Trinity College is moving to co-ed fraternities, and it is mandatory.



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