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Balcony Collapses During Party At Trinity College And The Damage Looks Intense

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An off-campus apartment party at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, got a little out of control last Saturday night, leading to a balcony collapse that injured over 30 students.

Take a look at some of these intense disaster scene photos, as reported by Hartford Police Deputy Chief Lt. Brian J. Foley on Twitter:

From what we can tell, the rickety wooden deck was already pretty questionable to begin with. In a classic college move, drunk partiers completely disregarded an obviously unsafe situation and heaped on vastly more people than the structure was ever meant to support.

It fell, crashing onto two lower deck levels below it and taking down all three stories in a shattering crescendo. Miraculously, nobody was seriously injured in the collapse, aside from several compound fractures requiring hospitalizations. This is great news, because the incident is painfully familiar to a similar porch collapse at UC Berkeley last year which killed six.

All of us know the power of a swarming mass of drunk college students to overwhelm the load-bearing weight of structures. We’ve all seen mobs collapse roofs, flip buses, and pull down goal posts. I’ve personally watched 500 people climb onto a houseboat at Shasta and sink it to the bottom of the lake. They didn’t get that deposit back. If you take anything away from this accident, just think twice before you pile in on an already sketchy, super-crowded balcony.

Safety concerns aside, the Trinity party looked like it was pretty epic before the fall.

The classic three-story bong.

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