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Tourist Bitten By Crocodile While Attempting Selfie With It

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I don’t like to criticize someone if I’ve never been in their shoes. After all, you never know what you would do if you were in the situation they face. That said, I can assure you I would never think it’s a good idea to get close to a crocodile to take a selfie.

From Mirror:

Reports suggest the woman wanted a picture near the crocodile and the pair squatted down near the animal.

The crocodile then reportedly bit the woman in the thigh while the picture was being taken.

Pictures from the scene show the woman being taken away from the area by rescuers.

While that may seem like common sense to you, it didn’t to one French tourist and her husband. During a hike through the Khao Yai National Park in Thailand, a 41-year-old French woman and her husband saw a crocodile. That’s got to be pretty cool; I’ll give her that. But rather than just admiring the massive reptile with hundreds of sharp teeth and a bite that’s got a few thousand pounds per square inch behind it, she and her husband decided to get right up near the fucker for a picture.

Naturally, and I mean naturally because this is what crocodiles instinctively do, the croc bit the woman and took a chunk out of her thigh — allegedly while the selfie was being taken. That’ll make a good profile picture.

Fortunately, the giant killer lizard showed mercy, was still full from lunch, or just wasn’t in the mood for French, as he decided not to completely devour the woman, and instead left her off with only a massive wound. Thankfully for the tourist and her husband, first responders were able to get on scene relatively quickly and evacuate the woman. Here’s hoping she makes a full and speedy recovery.

While I do feel bad for the woman, as she was bitten by a motherfucking crocodile, I do have to wonder what the hell she was thinking. Crocodiles aren’t known for being cute and cuddly. They’re known for viciously killing other animals and using their flesh for calories. That’s just what they do. It’s nothing personal. Just business. I honestly think the problem is that we, as a society, have gotten so accustomed to living in a world where we’re relatively safe at all times and don’t have to worry about, you know, getting eaten, that we forget that nature is nature and it doesn’t give a shit if you were just trying to take a picture.

Long story short, stupid people are going to do stupid things and crocodiles are going to do crocodile things. Like trying to eat people.

[via Mirror]

Image via Shutterstock

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