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Total Frat Move Book Released Today

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January 15th, 2013, the day Grand Central Publishing set to release The Total Frat Move Book. Today.

Written by TFM’s own W.R. Bolen, and edited by Executive Editor Ben Greenberg, The Total Frat Move Book is the single most important, honest fraternity story since National Lampoon’s Animal House.

The book follows the collegiate years of the young, impressionable, eventually-completely-corrupted Townes Prescott III; a fraternity legacy diving in headfirst into a world his father would have fully explained, if only he could have found the right words to keep from horrifying his son into applying to only small, urban art schools.

Of course, how could Townes’ father have effectively conveyed to his son what exactly he would see and do? Like so many other unbelievable experiences, to truly understand fraternity life, you basically have to have lived it. This is what Townes discovers, in ways both hard and glorious; as well as completely fucking outrageous.

This is also what makes The Total Frat Move Book the compelling, laugh out loud, page turner that it is. W.R. Bolen lived the life, and then some. Every eye popping act, every harrowing tale of pledgeship and nights gone horribly wrong, they all come from an honest place. It’s not a biography, and this fiction might be a little stranger than the truth, but any fraternity reader will be able to identity the indisputable reality that exists in every hilariously outrageous situation, and laugh all the more because of it. You will laugh, a lot. You may even cry…from laughter, and you’ll wonder how such a fucked up tale of shamelessness and debauchery can be so relatable. That might cause a lesser man to self reflect. You, however, will be too eager to get to the next chapter in Townes’ five and a half year scorched liver march to a sea of booze.

Order your copy of The Total Frat Move Book on Amazon, order it on B&N or just head down to your nearest Barnes & Noble and pick up a copy today.

Discover Townes Prescott III’s journey through fraternity life today, and discover the newest legend in fraternity lore.

Also, after you receive your copy, don’t forget to enter TFM’s Book Photo Contest to win all sorts of sweet ass prizes. Follow the link for details and pick up your copy of The Total Frat Move Book today.


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