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1. Opinions are like orgasms. Mine’s more important and I don’t care if she has one. #TFM

2. Becoming an expert on any topic after a few beers. #TFM

3. Wasting away again in Margaritaville. #TFM

4. Doing drugs without looking like you do drugs. #TFM

5. The business world combined “slampiece” and “pledge” and called it “secretary.” #TFM

6. Owning more Hawaiian shirts than you should for living in the Midwest. #TFM

7. Having the “maybe you took things too far this time” meeting with your chapter president. #TFM

8. Your first instinct in any physical mishap being to protect your beer. #TFM

9. There’s nothing quite like a nice, cold beer after a long day of drinking nice, cold beer. #TFM

10. Letting slams find out about other slams so they compete and step up their game. Bedroom Capitalism. #TFM

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