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1. I passed up a 6 figure salary for much less. A suit for a uniform. A company car for a fighter jet. #TFM

2. The bar owner loving you and the door guy hating you. #TFM

3. Acquiring a house t-shirt cannon. #TFM

4. Giving the ladies what they want, just not as long as they would like. #TFM

5. John McCain surviving 5 years of hazing in a Vietnamese POW camp and refusing to leave without his pledge brothers. #TFM

6. Being very comfortable in clothing that makes others very uncomfortable. #TFM

7. Downing the mystery booze in your flask before refilling it. #TFM

8. The couch in the common area that everyone knows not to sit on. #TFM

9. Boone justifying not missing the toga party by explaining, “It’s a fraternity party. I’m in the fraternity. How can I miss it?” #TFM

10. Knowing there are two open bathrooms, but pissing off the balcony instead. #TFM

Download the iOS app and submit your own TFM

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