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1. She got sent to standards. I got high fives. #TFM

2. Asking the officer if you can see his ID when he tells you to hand him your beer. #TFM

3. Designating a pledge to shout NBA Jam-style commentary during your game of beer pong. #TFM

4. Claiming that you were “taken advantage of” after drunkenly hooking up with a GDI. #TFM

5. Breathalyzing a respectable batting average. #TFM

6. Adopting Ernest Hemingway’s “Write drunk, edit sober” philosophy, but never actually making it to the editing stage. #TFM

7. Unzipping 15 feet before your peeing destination. #TFM

8. Saying, “I’m not drunk enough for this,” when partaking in an activity that is predominately done sober. #TFM

9. Using Hawaiian shirts for jerseys in beer league softball. #TFM

10. Referring to blacked out portions of the night as autopilot. #TFM

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