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We’ll be pulling the newest TFMs from The Wall each day, and randomly including some of our all-time favorites, for this new feature. Download the iOS app and submit your own Total Frat Move.

1. Having two wildly different stories for your nickname’s origin: the true meaning and the one you tell your family. #TFM

2. The weather being either too nice for class or too bad for class, depending on the day. #TFM

3. Showing an uncomfortable amount of man thigh. #TFM

4. Your chapter generating most of the revenue for your local liquor store. #TFM

5. Your instructions for the pledges always being “show up and find out.” #TFM

6. Pledge rides being your primary mode of transportation. #TFM

7. Your class attendance percentage being similar to a respectable batting average. #TFM

8. Relentlessly belittling a pledge for questioning a tradition that “every brother has always participated in,” but you actually made up on the spot. #TFM

9. Some GDI walked up to me at the bar and asked why I had my sunglasses around my neck at one in the morning. I told him because I drink till the fucking sun comes up. #TFM

10. The “No alcohol beyond this point” sign might as well say “I bet you can’t chug that whole drink.” #TFM

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