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We’ll be pulling the newest TFMs from The Wall each day, and randomly including some of our all-time favorites, for this new feature. Download the iOS app and submit your own Total Frat Move.

1. “I’m not NOT down.” #TFM

2. Your job interview consisting of a round of golf with your new boss. #TFM

3. You doing the talking instead of your résumé. #TFM

4. Nonchalantly practicing your golf swing while the campus PD tries to talk to you. #TFM

5. Slampiece asked me to whisper dirty things in her ear. So I whispered “The kitchen, bathroom, and living room.” #TFM

6. The right-to-left hand beer swap for incoming handshakes. #TFM

7. Being sorry enough to apologize, but not sorry enough to stop. #TFM

8. Not knowing how to cook anything that you can’t grill. #TFM

9. “No, I actually planned on getting that drunk.” #TFM

10. After laying down the charm, her asking you what’s the catch. #TFM

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