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Tinder Has Turned Us Men Into Betas

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Technology is insane now. It’s official. We are officially living in the future. Officially.

Think about it for a second. If some random dude from just 10 or 15 years ago stepped out of a time machine into the year 2017, he’d be totally blown away. We’re used to smartphones by now, but imagine showing your iPhone to someone from the past. A tiny square in our pocket, where we can talk to our friends, listen to any song in the world anytime, and watch porn on the bus? Incredible.

There is an app for everything now. Are you too drunk to drive yourself to Taco Bell at 2 am? There’s Uber. Do you wanna express your polarizing movie opinions or get into arguments with anonymous strangers about what hot pockets are made out of? Then we got Twitter for you. Do you wanna get into pointless political debates with your friend’s cousin and see your estranged aunt post unfunny minion memes? Well, that’s what Facebook is for.

And of course, if you are trying to find a date this weekend, we got Tinder. Not to mention OkCupid and a bunch of other dating sites out there, too. But this is the downside of technology. We’re kinda starting to get less social.

And I’m not even necessarily knocking Tinder right now, I’m knocking us. Because Tinder has turned us into pussies.

A lot of men have become anti-social, neurotic cowards in the age of online dating. It’s a pretty sad sight to see. Thanks to the warm comfort of interacting over text and the internet, we have started to transform into moronic, babbling dorks when it comes to actual in-person interactions and attempts at flirting.

Dudes have lost the balls to approach women in the real world. Rejection on the internet is far easier, it’s just a lack of a message. You send a “whats uppp” and don’t get anything back. Men have become accustomed to having their ego coddled and don’t know how to handle any type of actual rejection, so they’re afraid to even try.

I was bar hopping with some friends this past weekend and a buddy of mine really wanted to talk to this cute girl at the bar. He’s the type of guy who’s constantly swiping through Tinder and scrolling through OkCupid on his phone whenever he has a nanosecond of spare time throughout the day.

He was pretty drunk already, so it’s not like he was lacking in the liquid confidence department. But he just could not get himself to sack up and garner up the guts to go up to her and try to strike up a conversation. That’s just plain embarrassing.

A real man drunkenly stumbles to a woman at a bar and says something (even if he nothing TO say). He’ll mumble something unintelligible in an attempt charm her and get a drink thrown in his face. Our generation is no longer brave enough for this American pastime. And thats just sad.

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Wally Bryton

TFM's most beloved writer

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