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Throwback Thursday: Tea Partay

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Smirnoff can deny, deny, deny having anything to do with the whole “icing” movement all they want. That was absolutely an organic marketing campaign they ingenuously created, and our country is still recovering from it. They need to thank Four Loko for brewing poisonous “blackout in a can,” taking attention away from the fact that people were hiding Smirnoff Ice in toilets, duct taping it to steering wheels, and freebasing it at public rest stops. Nothing about either aforementioned brand and/or their products is acceptable. That being said, before the whole “bros icing bros” thing sunk our country into a deep moral depression to go with the economic depression, Smirnoff had another viral marketing campaign online.

I find it hilarious that they shamelessly went straight for the WASP, fraternity market. Smirnoff is for high school girls trying to get drunk enough to give their first dry, reverse tugjob without remorse, and no respectable fraternity man should be consuming it. However, if you just flipped down those fucking collars, and substituted in some southern style, this video would be flawlessly entertaining.

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