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This Young Spurs Fan Was Mercilessly Friendzoned On The Kiss Cam

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The secondhand embarrassment in this video is almost too much to bear.

We don’t know any of the facts, but from what I’ve been able to surmise from this Kiss Cam situation is this: Nobody in this world has been more brutally friendzoned than this poor Spurs fan.

Take a look for yourself. Feel the shame come over you like a thick blanket on a cold winter’s night. This will be the most painful 65 seconds of your day.

Well… things got a little awkward during pregame last night…

Posted by San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

This guy should file a character defamation lawsuit against the Spurs. Why wouldn’t they cut away?? That was so fucking brutal to watch. The Spurs in-game entertainment team should have called it about 20 seconds in, but instead they decided to destroy this man’s reputation by keeping the camera locked in on his embarrassed face for what felt like an eternity.

And why won’t this dumb broad lean in for a kiss? It’s a peck, lady. Can’t you see by spurning the Kiss Cam advances of your GalPal you have essentially ruined him forever? This is as much on you as it is the Kiss Cam people. If you accept a peck, things move on smoothly. Instead, you stood your ground and look where we are now.

Eventually she pecked him on the lips, but the build up was such a shit-show that it would have been better had she just ignored him instead of caving a minute in and giving us a pathetic showing of a kiss. At least then we could have assumed they were adopted brother and sister or cousins or something.

The Kiss Cam means nothing to your pre-existing relationships. If it’s on you, you go all in. Regardless of who you are sitting next to. It’s the only legitimate hall pass that exists in this world.

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