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This Jim Harbaugh Interview Got So Incredibly Awkward That Colin Cowherd Had To Hang Up On Him

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The media circuit a college football coach goes through in the summer can be treacherous. From media days, to radio plugs and newspaper and magazine preview stories, it can be hard for college football coaches to find time to, you know, coach football.

And if you have an off-day with the media, especially on radio, it’ll follow you for a while.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh just had cringe-inducing interview with Colin Cowherd this morning. It got so bad that Cowherd, a bit of a pompous asshole on the air, just cut his losses and hung up on the Harbs:

Like nails on a chalkboard.

Sports media and college coaches have a mutually beneficial partnership. For media, it’s about creating content that sports fans want –especially in the offseason. For college coaches, it’s about exposure and recruiting. The media isn’t looking to grill you in the offseason, they just need content to survive.

As a college coach, you don’t have to be media-savvy to sell your program, but you have to put forth a slight amount of effort. It doesn’t have to be 100 percent. Hell, it can be just 10 percent. But it absolutely can’t be zero percent, because then you look like an idiot and embarrass the host. That’s what Harbaugh did. He put forth literally no effort in this interview.

Cowherd could’ve ranted about it for a while, but he clearly likes Harbaugh and let it slide. But not before calling it basically the worst interview he’s ever had as a radio host.

He probably isn’t wrong either. That was brutal.

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