This Is What Happens When 1 EKU Football Player Takes On 3 From UK In A Bar Fight

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This Is What Happens When 1 EKU Football Player Takes On 3 From UK In A Bar Fight

If you’ve ever been in a bar fight, you know the importance of making sure you aren’t the only guy in your group who is willing to take a swing. Sure, having the mentality of an alpha male in the bar is a good trait to have, but when we’re talking about brawling with three other guys rather than picking up a girl, it’s generally a good idea to have some sort of backup. Eastern Kentucky offensive lineman Colton Scurry went against the grain with that theory and just went in on Kentucky football players Drew Barker, Dorian Baker, and Tymere Dubose.

While at JerZees — which is what I can only assume is a popular college bar among Eastern Kentucky kids — on Saturday night, everyone was drinking and having a good time when some Kentucky football players walked in and all hell broke loose. Scurry apparently couldn’t handle all the testosterone in the room and started the fight, because he wasn’t happy that these guys were on his turf.

From Courier Journal:

“We were in the back part of Jerzees,” said Will Ruholt, a friend of Barker’s from Conner High School. “A couple people started talking (abusively) and things started to get a little heated. Colton Scurry is the one who started the entire fight. He pushed me. Multiple people can verify that.”

Zach Littleton, an EKU sophomore who said he accompanied the UK players, also described Scurry as the instigator.

“I was actually pretty sober and I was watching everything that was going down,” Littleton said. “Basically what happened was a bunch of UK football players come in and all you hear is, ‘This is my neighborhood. What are you doing here?’

In all fairness to Scurry, protecting your home turf is of the utmost importance, and you can’t blame the guy for questioning the presence of these guys. However, you can blame him for trying to start a three-on-one bar fight. That’s just asking for a beat down, which is exactly what Scurry got. Scurry’s father said that he sustained multiple facial fractures and is unsure whether he will need reconstructive surgery.

Let this be a lesson: If you’re going to start a bar fight, make sure that the numbers are in your favor.

[via Courier Journal]

Image via Twitter/Lost Lettermen

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