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This Charlie Sheen 9/11 Movie Looks Like The Most Offensive Turd We’ve Ever Seen

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There’s no way around it, this movie looks like a giant turd sandwich laying in a dumpster fire that was just hit by a motorcycle. Actor and coke enthusiast Charlie Sheen has a new film coming out this September about 9/11. The movie is simply called “9/11.” A super clever title. The first trailer was recently released, and it needs to be seen to believed. It looks like a fake trailer from a 30 Rock episode.

Okay. Where do we even start? The piss poor acting? Judging from the clips, the stars seem like toddlers reciting lines from a corny soap opera written in 30 seconds. And why the hell is Whoopi Goldberg here? Why is she wearing a hilarious wig that looks like a cheap Halloween costume? Maybe we could talk about the comically awful dialogue. But my personal favorite part is the fact that it says “based on actual events,” in case anyone forgot about, you know, 9/11.

I’ve never seen something that looked so corny and unintentionally hilarious. But that’s not the noteworthy part. There are plenty of bad movies. But this movie looks insanely offensive and disrespectful. They’re essentially creating a cheesy thriller movie that uses the falling of the towers as a “ticking clock” to measure how long they have to escape an elevator. Using a real life tragedy as a trivial plot device for a series of melodramatic slow motion montages.

The fact that it uses real footage of the attacks adds insult to injury and makes it look even more tone deaf and ridiculous. Obviously, it’s possible to make a tasteful, respectful and good movie about 9/11 (United 93, Reign Over Me, World Trade Center) but this movie looks like the worst tragedy to happen to America in 16 years.

Image via Youtube

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