This 26-Year-Old Joint Roller Is The Michelangelo Of Weed

Weed Art

Modern art is a snooze. Gone are the masters, folks who could make a canvas into a room or a chunk of stone into an entire scene. Now we’re faced with a bunch of people who paint with their feces or dress like a squirrel as a form of “expression.” Joints have become similarly boring since apparently the only way people are smoking now is with oil rigs and those stupid vaporizer pens.

Tony Greenhand of Albany, Oregon, is here to put the beauty back in art and papers. Tony is a professional joint artist who turns bud into masterpieces. Below is some of his work. If you’re proud of rolling cones, be prepared to hang your head in shame.

A breathtaking tribute to the great Tommy Chong. This thing puts a whole new twist on going “Up In Smoke.”

A photo posted by Smokeable Art (@tonygreenhand) on

A hand grenade where you pull the pin to smoke. Guaranteed to blow your head off.

A photo posted by Smokeable Art (@tonygreenhand) on

Championship caliber stuff right here.

Greenhand’s most recent work, however, is my favorite.

“His biggest order yet was for $7,000 to make a set of small joints that looked like weapons, including a fully smokeable AK-47 spliff he made from rolling papers and a half-pound of weed.”

A photo posted by Smokeable Art (@tonygreenhand) on

Tony is changing the art game, and with recreational marijuana use finally being decriminalized, he’s started what could be one hell of a business endeavor. He’s mentioned that future projects could include anything from 10 to 15 pounds of sweet, sticky goodness. If you want an example of doing what you love, look no further than this 26-year-old Michelangelo of Mary Jane.

You can follow Tony on Instagram at @tonygreenhand for more crazy cannabis related artwork.

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Karl Karlson

Karl Karlson is TFM’s self-proclaimed cartoon expert and your best buddy. He resides in the mountains of NC where he wrestles black bears and attempts to grow a beard. Karl gave up liquor following an unfortunate incident involving tequila and a vacuum cleaner, but he isn’t above a nice stout on the porch.

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