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These Internet Entrepreneurs Travel The World Doing Awesome Stuff, Want You To Join Them

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The yacht pulled away from the dock in Croatia, joining a herd of other private ships on their way to the next party at a nearby island. Adam Horwitz, David Orr, and Vitaly Zdorovetskiy have it all. Despite being in their early twenties, the self-made entrepreneurs have the cash to travel the world after striking gold with internet start-up companies.

Now, they take their online followers with them on incredible journeys, from the beaches of Anguilla to the mountains Croatia, zip-lining over plunging forest valleys, boating in clear blue waters, and spraying models with champagne at exclusive parties. Still, something was missing. Adam turned to David.

“Dude, where’s Cameron?”

The group looked back a hundred yards inland to see Cameron Uranick, the cameraman, hold his hat above his head and jump into the water before making a swim for the boat.

“I was distracted,” Uranick says. “I got separated from the group and found about eight Brazilian supermodels.”

After a brief hiatus, the group sat down in their hotel room in Minos, Greece, to Skype with TFM and tell us all about their globetrotting, high-living project: Escape With Wolves.


Here’s a taste of what they’ve done so far:

Summer is starting to heat up so we decided to stop by at @mondrianhotels for a pool party 🌴🐺☀️

A photo posted by E S C A P E W/ W O L V E S (@jointhewolves) on

Yesterday the wolves took over the beautiful canyons in Croatia to go zip lining 🐺😝

A photo posted by E S C A P E W/ W O L V E S (@jointhewolves) on

Just a normal day for the wolves 🎉🎥

A photo posted by E S C A P E W/ W O L V E S (@jointhewolves) on

The Wolves are comprised of Orr, a Phi Psi from the University of Arizona who founded the online store “Fruper!” at the age of 14; Horwitz, a childhood friend of Orr who founded Mobile Monopoly, an online course that teaches people how to earn money generating mobile marketing leads; Uranick, a Beta Theta Pi from the University of Miami who met Orr at a concert and offered to lend the crew his skills behind the camera; and Zdorovetskiy, who rose to internet fame pulling ballsy pranks, like running through the ghetto dressed up like a zombie, on his YouTube channel, VitalyzdTV.

The Wolves live with a spur of the moment, pick-up-and-go attitude and follow just two rules: book one-way flights only, and believe in the mantra “The situation will always work out better than expected.”

While most of their videos play out like an “I’m Shmacked” world tour, the goal of The Wolves runs deeper than entertaining viewers with quick-cut footage of gorgeous locales and bikini butts. They encourage viewers to grab hold of their entrepreneurial spirits via “Wolf Talks” – videos where they answer viewer questions and discuss what it takes to make it big on your own.

“A lot of people are afraid of taking action because they are afraid they won’t succeed, but if they never try, nothing will happen,” Horwitz said. “The biggest thing we want to try to do is get people out of the sheep mentality. Whatever you want to do in life, start doing it now, because the last thing you want to do is have regret.”

The Wolves are taking one lucky follower with them on their next trip. Enter the contest HERE. They haven’t decided where they’re going yet (“planning” isn’t what this project is about), but rest assured, you’ll be in good hands.

Of all the places The Wolves could travel, Orr recently took the crew back to his hometown of Effingham, Illinois.

“A lot of people think they’re at a disadvantage living in a small town, that they don’t have access to as many things,” Orr said. “I wanted to show them ‘look, I’m from a very small town, and with the internet connecting everybody, you can have all the connections there as well.’”

It just goes to show, with the right group of people, you can carve out a slice of paradise almost anywhere.

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