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The U.S. Navy Shows Off Its New Laser Gun, It Sets Shit On Fire

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The U.S. Navy Shows Off Their New Laser Gun, Terrorists Everywhere Head To Hiding Spots

The United States Navy just whipped out its dick again. Surprise! It’s still big. Over the summer, the Navy installed its new laser weapon system on the USS Ponce, which deployed this fall.

The current gun is only 30 kilowatts, but there are plans for larger, higher powered laser guns to be installed on most of the Navy’s fleet of ships. The laser guns also have an economic benefit to them: they are much less expensive than the regular forms of ammo currently in use.

From the Washington Post:

The gun is adjustable, with shots of different strengths fired. The service already is planning larger laser guns of between 100 and 150 kilowatts, Klunder said. A lot of the ships in the Navy’s fleet are capable of having them aboard, he added.

The system offers several possible advantages. For one, each shot costs the military about 59 cents–far less than most other forms of ammunition that could be used.

The 2007 ammo budget for the Navy was approximately $22 million. That would yield more than 37 million shots from these guns. From the looks of the video, it seems as if it doesn’t require many shots to kill. Check it out for yourself:

Surely you’re able to see a giant laser beam aimed at you to let you know you’re about to get fucked, right? Nope. Shit’s invisible. Classic America.

No laser beam can be seen, but the boat bursts into flames.

Moral of the story? Don’t mess with America. We will literally light you on fire.

[via Washington Post]

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Harrison Lee

The Boulevard is a Content Manager for Grandex, Inc. He hates soccer and terrorists. He will forget more about sports than you will ever know in your lifetime.

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