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The U.S. Army May Soon Add Hoverbikes To Its Arsenal

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There are so many ways the United States military can make your day really, really bad. By “really, really bad,” I mean they can end you from a different hemisphere, without ever even needing to put on pants. We’re at the point where they’re just going all out to see what other cool death machines they can develop due to nothing more than boredom and a boner for futuristic looking shit.

They’re already testing out rail guns and insane laser technology, which makes me somewhat surprised that we haven’t already seen this technology come up before. Either way, it’s the kind of crap that earns us the double rockets from foreigners. We are now developing hoverbikes to take down terrorists. It’s one of those “because I can” weapons.

It’s beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Imagine the looks on some ISIS cave dweller’s face when a flock of American soldiers fly up to his mud pit on hovering bicycles. I may need to clean the screen after that thought. It’s not even that the hoverbikes are even intimidating or exceptionally deadly, it’s the simple thought process that America has undoubtedly grown bored of decimating terrorists in other ways and is seeking another creative way to rid the world of assholes. I love it.

What’s even cooler is that the pilot may not even be required to fly it himself.

From The Verge:

The DoD is interested in the technology for a few reasons. For one, it’s safe. The hoverbike’s rotors are guarded so they won’t tear into humans and other objects. It’s also a cheaper option than, say, a helicopter. And it’s more maneuverable in tight spaces, with options to operate it autonomously or with a human pilot.

No one knows how long these things will take to see any sort of action, but the wait is certainly worth the reward.

[via The Verge]

Image via YouTube

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