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The Torturing Of Terrorists Included Waterboarding And Rectal Feeding

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The Torturing Of Terrorists Included Waterboarding And Rectal Feeding

Today, the CIA released its torture report. It is clear they did not take it easy on their detainees. The report centered around incidents that included: rectal feeding and hydration, waterboarding, and placing a top Lieutenant to Osama in a coffin for nearly two weeks.

Rectal Feeding And Hydration

A number of detainees who refused to eat and drink were delivered food and water through IV tubes that were inserted in their rectums — sometimes forcefully.

One detainee who underwent “rectal feeding” was “in a forward-facing position” with his head lower than his torso. His “lunch tray” which consisted of hummus, pasta with sauce, nuts and raisins “was ‘pureed’ and rectally infused.”


Two men who the CIA believed were responsible for planning the 9/11 attacks were frequently waterboarded. Overtime the technique evolved well beyond the “sensation of drowning” to what one CIA medical officer described as a “series of near drownings.”

Abu Zubaydah’s coffin-sized box

[Abu]Zubaydah spent a total of 11 days and two hours in a coffin-sized confinement box, and 29 hours in an even smaller box that had a width of 21 inches and a depth of 2.5 feet. Abu Zubaydah, CIA officers said, frequently “cried,” “begged,” “pleaded,” and “whimpered,” while continuing to deny that he had any additional information about any threats on the U.S.

The release of the report has drawn criticism with the United Nations calling for the CIA officials to take legal action on those responsible for these actions. In the report, there is also a story of a detainee being shackled in a standing position as part of a sleep deprivation technique. You can read the whole report below.

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