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The Top 5 Places Girls Want To Be Touched During Sex, According To A Survey

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Since I guess sex isn’t all about what feels good for us guys (who knew?), SKYN Condoms and AMP agency thought it would be a good idea to survey American girls, 18 to 34, about where they like to be touched during sex.

Here are the results, via Unilad:

5. The Stomach – 4%

How girls don’t like being touched on the stomach is beyond me. Is it because they are so self-conscience of their weight? Little advice: If we have your clothes off, we don’t care. If you aren’t already playing stomach bongos with the girl, then you are really missing out. She doesn’t really like it, but it’s entertaining to you, and that’s what matters.

4. The Back – 6%

Why would I openly touch their back when there are more fun things to play with? Unless I’m hitting the lift and carry and only need to grab onto their back for support, my hands are venturing elsewhere. Side note: Since we’re talking about the back here, ladies, it is not okay to turn your guy’s back into a fucking scratching post. I shouldn’t bleed during sex.

3. The Ass – 15%

Now we’re talking. The rump is my favorite part of a girl’s body. Great ass over great tits any day.

2. The Neck – 28%

This one doesn’t shock me since most smart guys know that if they go for the neck, they are going to put her in the mood.

1. The Nipples – 34%

If there’s anything I learned from comedy, it’s from one joke that Daniel Tosh said. The joke goes like this: No doesn’t mean no. If no meant no, every guy would die a virgin. No means work on the neck and the nipples and try back again in five minutes. Well, it seems that maybe Tosh was on to something.

[via Unilad]

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