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The 20 Best New Stories From 2015

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20. VIDEO: Hot Blonde Destroys GDI In Debate Over The Alabama Alpha Phi Recruitment Video


On a FOX News segment, two female contributors, Katherine Timpf (who is Greek) and Carrie Sheffield (who isn’t Greek), were asked if Alabama Alpha Phi crossed the line with their recruitment video. While Sheffield doesn’t see a problem with the video, she uses it as an opportunity to bash Greek life as a whole. Katherine shuts her down quick.

19. Miss California Contestant Has Wardrobe Malfunction, Flashes Tits To The Crowd


Miss Beverly Hills and Anaheim Ducks ice girl Channelle Riggan made the 2015 Miss California contest watchable. During the bikini portion, she was strutting her stuff down the runway when her top popped off, exposing her tits for the world to see.

18. Kim K’s Younger, Hotter Sister Goes Topless In Same Magazine Issue That Shows Kim’s Beav


Kendall Jenner joined the family tradition in stripping it all down and going topless for the world to see. In a Love magazine, Jenner teamed up with older sis Kim K (who shows her beav) to let it all hang out.

17. Dan Bilzerian Finally Joins Snapchat, Immediately Posts Videos Of Girl With Enormous Cans In His Bed


Dan Bilzerian joined Snapchat to give the masses a behind the scenes look at his life, and more importantly, the classy ladies that bounce in and out of it. Spoiler alert: They’re giant cans.

16. Gas Station Attendant Ticketed For Selling To Minors, Students Help Raise Money To Pay His Fine


For years, one gas station attendant at a Shell station in College Station has been making friends with the Aggie students. That’s why it was such a shock to them to find out that police had given the man a ticket for providing alcohol to minors, all thanks to one idiot who walked in, bought his stuff with his fake, then proceeded to give the cop outside his real ID after he requested it. The students banded together to raise money to help pay the fine.

15. Chrissy Teigen Goes Tits Out For The Boys, Might Permanently Break Instagram


Chrissy Teigen was so hot in 2015. She’s funny, she’s a smartass, she’s not afraid to get drunk and toss out a first pitch, and she’s definitely not above going tits out for the boys on Instagram.

14. Student’s BBQ Grill Is Taken By Community Management, He Cements Replacement Grill To Ground In Protest, Hilarity Ensues


A Texas State student was told to remove his grill from outside or it would be removed for him. No one was going to tell him when, where, or how he could barbecue, so he chained his grill to the damn porch in protest, and proudly displayed a flag challenging his attackers. Hilarity ensued when the grill was removed from the chains.

13. Porn Star Lisa Ann Had Such A Long Bang Session With An NBA Player That He Was Traded And Didn’t Know


Lisa Ann openend up on what it’s like to bang professional athletes. It turns out that she once had sex with an NBA player for so long that he got traded and no one could reach him by phone because he was still doing the dirty.

12. Girl Facetimes Her Ex While Blowing A Guy, Ex Posts Screenshot On Facebook


You can feel the pure unadulterated hatred this beady-eyed chick has for the schmuck in the top right corner as she goes to town on this new guy’s dick. Since the guy wasn’t too pleased, he took a screenshot to roast her ass on Facebook.

11. PCB Bans Alcohol On Beach During Spring Break 2016 And You Only Have Yourselves To Blame


In what is by far the biggest spring break news of 2015, Panama City Beach has decided to ban alcohol from the beaches. Who is to blame for this senseless attack on our rights? Just you damn crazy kids and your alcohol.

10. Mom Lets Underage Daughter Throw Party, Has Sex With Daughter’s Friends And Boyfriend


35-year-old Rachel Lenhardt crossed the line when it comes to hosting a party for her 16-year-old daughter and her friends. The night included drinking, playing twister, stripping down to nothing, and fornication.

9. Texas State Delt Gets Drunk, Confused, Takes $1,240 Taxi From New Orleans To San Marcos, Flies Back


This is a classic tale of a fraternity member who gets too drunk at his New Orleans formal and gets confused as to where he is so he has a taxi driver take him all the way back to his college town. When he arrived back home, he flew back after realizing his mistake.

8. Leaked Video Shows Alleged Indiana University Fraternity Pledge Going Down On Stripper While Brothers Cheer


Indiana ATO is going to wish that this video of some member going to town on a stripper’s vagina never made the rounds on the internet. The video shows basically 30 seconds of a guy, wearing only boxers, giving oral sex to a stripper while surrounded by another stripper and a lot of dudes. She is laying on her back, totally nude. Her legs are wrapped around his head throughout most of it. She also appears to hold his face to her at times. He seems to be an enthused, willing participant.

7. Disturbing Video Of Alleged College Students Decapitating Goat With Samurai Sword Hits Internet


For some odd reason, some apparent Tulane students thought it’d be a great idea to behead a live goat with a samurai sword. They filmed it. It went viral. And the internet went crazy.

6. New Snapchat Account Documenting Debauchery At Arizona State Is Blowing Up

Snap chat

The “SunDevil_Nation” Snapchat account had one purpose, and one purpose only: to document debauchery at one of the most notorious party schools in the country. Their story was filled with alcohol, weed, coke, molly, tits, ass, oral sex (including girl-on-girl), and more. Pretty much everything you’d want to get out of your college experience, really. It was like watching an X-rated reality TV show, which is, after all, the allure of Snapchat accounts like this, and it works.

5. Disgruntled Ex-Raising Cane’s Employee Has Supposedly Revealed The Cane’s Sauce Secret Recipe On Twitter


Have you ever wondered what is exactly in Cane’s sauce? Ever wanted to make it on your own so you can enjoy that goodness 24/7/365? Thanks to a disgruntled employee, now you can. The employee took to Twitter to expose the recipe to the world and we are forever thankful.

4. Reddit User Live-Blogs His Wife’s Infidelity, Nearly Brings The Internet To Its Feet


For basically two days, a man using a throw-away Reddit account live-blogged his life falling apart. The story, which feels as enthralling as the “Serial” podcast, albeit more depressing, is centered around the Reddit user, his cheating whore of a wife, his whore of a sister-in-law, his brother, and one thorough private investigator.

3. Here’s What A Professional Baseball MVP’s Paycheck Looks Like


Being a professional athlete has its perks. One of those perks is a fat paycheck. But have you ever seen one with all the breakdowns of taxes and whatnot? Answer is probably not. One fan found Andrew McCutchen’s paycheck lying around and gave us the inside scoop of what it looks like.

2. Large Breasted Blonde Turns Oregon State Library Into A Porn Scene, Campus Erupts


In the very NSFW clip, a young lady–it’s not known if she’s a current student or not–is putting on an absolute show while appearing to be sitting at a computer inside an OSU campus library. While constantly looking over her shoulder for any unwanted passersby, she begins by slipping her top off and giving the camera a little peep show. But as she gets settled in, it gets progressively raunchier.

1. OU’s SAE Is Going To Wish This Very Racist Video Didn’t Get Leaked


The top story of the year comes to us from the University of Oklahoma. SAE at OU had this super viral video released that showed a racist chant that led to their suspension. Relive it one more time to remind yourself not to fuck up in 2016.

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