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The State Of Georgia Just Boosted A Ton Of Students’ Grades Because They Whined Hard Enough

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georgia tech STEM grades

We get it — engineering classes are hard. It’s not like all engineering students do is complain about how difficult their classes are, so you might not have known that. Sarcasm. Oh, you have to complete 12 problem sets, construct a bridge made of balsa wood, and perform open-heart surgery all before your 10:00 a.m. class tomorrow? No need to tell me for the fifth time; you signed up for this. Engineering and math classes may be challenging, but in Georgia, STEM students are getting a break. Maybe now they’ll stop their bitching.

After a group of Georgia Tech students claimed they lost their scholarships because their STEM classes are comparatively more difficult than the classes of peer institutions, they lobbied the Georgia legislature. They asked for more challenging classes to have a more forgiving GPA scale. And, while it seems like the U.S. Congress is running like a clunker right now, the Georgia legislature apparently moves like a well-oiled machine.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

In 2016, the Legislature said Tech students had a valid point and passed a law that added 0.5 to a B, C or D in approved STEM — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — classes. That is the same bump now awarded to high school students who enroll in advanced courses.

Georgia STEM students, rejoice. You won. All that whining about how hard your classes are has been heard by the government, and, in order to shut you up, the government agreed. You were that annoying. Wow.

The GPA boost is supposed to go into effect this upcoming semester, fall 2017, for any student enrolled in a Georgia institution of higher learning, public or private, that offers HOPE Scholarships to Georgia residents. You can find a specific list of the eligible courses and the participating colleges and universities here.

While this is a huge win for Georgia STEM students, it’s an even bigger win for the non-STEM Georgia students. You no longer have to listen to your annoying friend when he tells you his Quantum Physics seminar is more difficult than your Intro to Jazz Studies class. Humanities students, remember this: you may be unemployed after college, but at least the government didn’t have to step in because of how hard you were flunking class.

[via Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

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