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The Pikes At NMSU Have Been Booted From Campus – Is This Related To The Missing TFM Sign?

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It’s time to bring everyone up to date on the latest developments in the heinous TFM sign theft saga. As our hopes of one day holding our long-lost sign again dwindle by the day, we still look for answers — anything that will either lead us to her, or something to help us cope with her loss. Closure is what I seek more than anything, and if our sign is never to be returned, I only hope she finds a good home.

If you missed the last installment of “Where in the World is Our Goddamn Sign?” read it HERE. It’s been a saddening development, to say the least — one rotten to the core filled with hardened criminals, heartless thugs, and bottom-tier American college students.

Now, here’s what we’ve learned since that update:

1) This first update is irrelevant to the investigation, but I couldn’t leave it out. The sign made a stop at the Pike house at the University of Arizona, as seen here on top of this wall:


Then from last week’s Fail Friday, check it out — it’s the SAME DAMN WALL:


Haha, nerds.

2) I know the name of the young lady that stole our sign. Yes, it was a young lady (if you can call her that) that pulled off the heist unscathed. An abundance of evidence has been turned over to me via Twitter that points to this girl. I’m choosing to omit her name for her safety. But she knows who she is, I know who she is, and she knows that I know who she is. She’s been described, by a myriad of people in the know, as a Pike house rat regular.

3) Apparently, the Pi Kappa Alpha chapter at NMSU — the one at the center of this whole mess and former suspect #1 — has been removed from campus. A tipster filled me in on a few details via email:

Don’t know if you have been tipped off, but the PIKE chapter, the one who was messing with the TFM sign, the one from my school (NMSU), got kicked off campus. Apparently housing walked through their house at the beginning of the semester and found a mass amount of Graffiti in there, and after being on a years probation, your TFM debacle and this the school pulled the plug, Still no word on an IFC ban….. Also I have it on high authority a girl named [name redacted] from my school did indeed take your sign, I have a few tweets with some good proof.

I followed up by asking if the theft of our sign played a part in their removal.

I can only imagine it did, I am getting my info from my Gf since I am now alum.

Now remember, this connection may seem like a reach, but as I tweeted on July 31, the NMSU Dean of Students has become aware of the Pikes’ involvement with our missing sign.

He did seem like a real straight shooter, but one that doesn’t make room for any BS in his life. Like a bloodhound catching wind of a fresh set of tracks, he was eager to assist me in my investigation, although I informed him that we were not looking to get anyone in trouble.

It was out of my hands, though. How he wished to proceed from that point was on the dean.

Lastly, there’s no quit in me. To the girl who stole the sign, and to whoever is currently holding it:


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Dillon Cheverere

Dillon Cheverere (@DCheverere) is the Vice President of Media for Grandex, Inc. Email:

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