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The Official Tank Top Of Political Incorrectness

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Every single fucking day your news feed is inundated with political correctness buzz words like “offensive,” “privilege,” “misogynistic,” “hurtful,” and, worst of all, “safe space.” The stupid part? They’re usually used to describe “worrisome” situations at which pre-millenials wouldn’t have batted one of their sleek, cocaine-filled eyelashes. This generation’s entitled nitwits think they deserve the world, when all they really deserve is a swift quick in the nards.

Are you like me? Do you think we need to fight back against PC culture before it sucks all of us up and we become not a diverse world of creative humans, but a collective group of boring, hive-minded savages who don’t think for themselves because they’re too scared that anything they might say will be construed as offensive? Then join the fight with our new tank top.

Sure, this tank top might not be PC (for a number of reasons), but that’s the point! Will you get kicked out of class for wearing it? Maybe. Will you get stopped on campus and given a stern talking to by socialism major Kenneth Prescott Wentworth, the social justice warrior fighting against white privilege despite his dad being worth $450 million in old money thanks to some not-so-savory plantation practices back in the 1840s? Probably. Will PETA throw a bucket of blood on you for being a “hateful individual” despite this tank not being made out of fur? Most definitely. The best part is, if any of those things happen to you it means you’ve won, and the shirt did its job.

Take a stand against PC culture. Get your “Fuck Your Safe Space” tank top here and get ready to start pissing off social justice warriors:

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