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The Most Ridiculous Drunk Stories Of 2016

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Stevens Institute Students Develop Hangover Cure, PC Police Shut It Down For Being Offensive Portrayal Of College Life

Speaking as someone who has a hangover right now, if someone tried to deny me a cure for it because of PC implications, I’d burn their homes down.

FSU Fraternity Member Murders Couple, Proceeds To Eat Victim’s Face

I’m assuming he had a beer before ingesting whatever evil chemicals he decided to put into his body. No one is safe in Florida. Your race, your gender, your socio-economic status, it doesn’t matter. A demon can crawl out of hell and jump up your ass at any moment and the next thing you know you’re waking up with a guy’s face in your teeth.

Oregon kids absolutely trashed this lake and left all their booze and sex litter behind for the poor locals to deal with.

This is what the aftermath of a forest orgy looks like.

This Guy Live Tweeted His Friend’s Marriage Ending Over Gambling And Getting Drunk At Applebee’s, It’s A Must Read

Applebee’s and light beer claim another marriage.

Drunk Texas A&M Girl Crashes Into Cop Car While Taking Topless Selfie

Can’t imagine her dad enjoyed this one.

Kids keep passing out fully inside of this urinal at a popular South Carolina bar.

I’m fascinated by what logic could have possibly led them all to there.

Kid Gets Drunk And Passes Out During Pregame, Friends Tape Him To Chair And Wheel Him Around Town

Weekend At Bernie’s’ing a friend just sounds exhausting, honestly.

Emailer: I Got Stuck In An Elevator With A Very Drunk Selena Gomez This Weekend (PICS)

Selena can’t hold her margs.

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