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The Key To Pulling Is The “No Extremes” Rule

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Unless you’re Ryan Gosling handsome, the thought of pulling consistent tail with ease may seem unattainable. But gentlemen, it can be done. “So,” you ask anxiously, “how is it that I, a simple, normal looking college man slay top-tier tail on the regular?” Is there a complex method of approach? An optimally sculpted physique? No, no, no. All it takes to make the most out of your college years is one simple rule: No Extremes.

If you’ve never seen the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love with Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell, I highly recommend it. Not only is it entertaining, but there are a million and one valuable lessons as to how to score with chicks. The movie tells the story of Steve Carell’s character Cal, who gets cheated on and divorced by his wife, and as he proceeds to spend all of the forthcoming nights sulking at the local bar, he is approached by Ryan Gosling’s character Jacob, who helps him rediscover his masculinity and pick up women.

Now, why do I reference this movie? Well, I’m fairly confident that most of you reading this can empathize with Cal. You’re not exactly Ryan Gosling handsome, but compared to the majority of the other students in your class, you can hold your ground. That’s all it takes. Guys, if Cal can do it, so can you. So here’s how this rule applies in almost every aspect of college life and why it works.


Not everyone looks like Brad Pitt. And even if a couple people at your college do, think about it. Are there nearly enough of those guys to make it around to all of the available girls? Of course not. So just like you do when you’re drunk and desperate, you lower your standards a little. Girls. Do. The. Exact. Same. Thing. Seriously. You don’t have to have a Greek statue build, and it’s okay if you’re not the tallest or most-built guy in the room. But as long as you’re not flagrantly out of shape, you’ll blend right in and should have zero problem at all.


No girl is going to gravitate towards the guy in the middle of the dance floor standing there awkwardly, not moving at all, and just looking really out of place like he’s having no fun. But at the same time, if you’re in the bathroom puking, well, kiss your chances goodbye. You don’t have to be a ballroom dancing professional, and it’s more than okay to make a goofball out of yourself. As long as you can laugh about it, smile, and have fun, girls will like that.

Your Piece

A shot of Natty Light isn’t enough for most people, but 10 red solo cups of vodka will most likely cause a blackout. You see what I mean.


There’s no waste in spending countless hours in the library, missing out on endless opportunities, just to get that 4.0 GPA, where you could live a little, get a 3.6, and have more than likely the same job prospects. It’s okay to sacrifice a little bit of your transcript for good memories; most people aren’t perfect and don’t expect that of you, either. But as long as you’re within the 3.0 range, you should be pretty good to go.

Your Approach

This is what it all comes down to. Guys. You can’t just go up to a group of girls and say hi, ask about their majors, and be a boring tool with nothing funny, interesting, or tension-building to say. But at the same time, you most definitely must avoid being obscene, profane, pushy, and disrespectful. Make them laugh, laugh at yourself, keep a flowing conversation, and talk about things in the moment that every other person in the house hasn’t already asked her. Picking up women is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t feel discouraged if she isn’t taking the bait right away, and don’t focus entirely on sex. Get comfortable with each other, and she’ll be yours in no time.

So there you have it. The “No Extremes” rule. Live it. Love it. Embody it.

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