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The Home of the Brave

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Today has dawned, the morning of the greatest day of every American year. It’s a tough morning to arise, as the dawn’s early light blinds your heavy eyelids, awaking the hangover monster in your sophisticated brains. It would be easy to chug some water, pop one or ten ibuprofens, and sleep until dinner. Any other morning this would be a normal and expected reaction, but today is not any other morning. Today we rise as Americans, ready to celebrate our great country’s 236th birthday, another year of world dominance, and sweet, sweet freedom. Before you reach for that ice cold Ameri-can, take a second. Stretch your tired limbs and breathe in deep. Today is a good day for an uncountable number of reasons. As we all begin to indulge in the bottle of golden-brown, nectar-like bourbon, slowly begin to slide on our Back-to-Back World War Champ tees, and turn up the grill, it is vital that we not forget to reflect on the reasons why we have these privileges in the first place.

236 years seems like an eternity ago as our founding fathers signed their names onto that parchment that set the stage for the most successful country in the history of mankind. While compared to the rest of the civilized world, America is just in its adolescence, but the historic strides that form the foundation of this land have literally shaken this earth, forever changing the way that humans live and setting a standard of living. The journey has been far from easy, and at the lowest of lows the future of America has hung in the balance between annihilation and the point of barely hanging on. We’ve had our internal scraps, devastating financial crises, and atomic weapons pointed right down our throats. It took men of valor and unwavering courage to stand their God-given ground to ensure that their families had a long bright life to enjoy. America’s history is stained with the blood of sacrifice and honor from men who believed in something higher, and because of these men, we now are able to capitalize and build on their past achievements.

Grandpa’s war stories may seem like relics of the past, however inspiring they be, but even to this day America is still going balls to the wall to continue the proud tradition that generations before began. Accomplishments such as those of SEAL Team 6 vividly exemplify that no matter how many innocent American lives you take through means of terrorism, we WILL find you and we WILL hold you to justice, no matter how long it takes. In the year of 2012 alone, 125 US soldiers have laid down their lives in hostile action to uphold the beliefs that have held this nation together through even the most trying of times.

Today is greater than any individual. Today is so much more than the wildest drunken escapade that you will accomplish. Yes, it is a time to cut loose and celebrate, but never, ever forget why you are celebrating. Look beyond yourselves today gentlemen, and give credit where credit is due. Tell your parents how much you appreciate what they’ve done for you. Call up a relative who has served in the armed forces, or better yet buy a round for the veterans at the bar. To my fellow Texans, lower the Lone Star just a little bit to give Old Glory its respectful place to wave in the wind. Respectfully shake a GDI’s hand who doesn’t know why the fuck he is celebrating American Independence Day and wish him an awesome holiday. Toast a drink for all of the soldiers who aren’t with us anymore to enjoy this fine day. Finally, and most importantly, thank God our Father for the blessing of living in a free country. Live life to the fullest today, men. Today is meant for the greatest celebration of the year for a damn good reason. I hope you all have a 4th of July to remember. See you on the other side.

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