The Guy Who Constantly Punished WVU Greek Life For Bad Behavior Got Busted Soliciting A Male Prostitute

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It’s always the pious ones, isn’t it? One minute they’re shaming people for their behavior, the next minute they’re cruising Craigslist, offering a 21-year-old kid $80 and beer to do mouth stuff. Typical.

So it goes for West Virginia University’s former head of Greek life, Roy Baker.

From the Charleston Gazette-Mail:

Roy Baker, the former director of West Virginia University’s Greek life, met a 21-year-old man on Craigslist and allegedly paid him $80 in exchange for oral sex in a parking garage, according to a criminal complaint from police in McKeesport, Pennsylvania.

Baker was arrested in the small city, which is 40 minutes south of Pittsburgh, in September and charged with disorderly conduct and soliciting prostitution, according to documents from a Pennsylvania magistrate court and a spokesman for the district attorney.

The solicitation charge was withdrawn, but Baker, 63, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and paid a $454.50 fine on Nov. 7, court documents show.

That same night, university officials alerted leaders in its fraternities and sororities that Baker had resigned unexpectedly.

We received this tip from a couple of West Virginia kids, all of whom were pretty livid that the guy who has been cracking down on fraternities all year was now out there giving booze to and, of course, paying to suck on, some guy their own age.

“How can a guy tell us we can’t drink, fine us thousands for underages at parties and blame Greek like [sic] for a majority of problems on campus… while he has been messing around with male prostitutes the same age as the students he directed?” Asked one tipster.

Yeah that’s not a great look. I don’t have a problem with prostitution, or May-December relationships, paid for or otherwise. And obviously I could give a shit if this guy is gay, or trying stuff out, or whatever. In an ideal world he should have been able to legally pay for this young gentleman about town’s services, blow and be blown by him, and decide, “Nope that wasn’t for me,” or, “Hey this penis in my mouth stuff is pretty swell! I’ll have another!” And no one would care either way.

I also don’t have a problem with underage drinking, especially by college kids. I’d say prostitution, in terms of being a “crime,” is in the same ballpark as college underage drinking, actually. Their illegality is arbitrary and culturally, not practically, motivated. Neither should be illegal, and neither is that big of a deal. So in that sense it is pretty hypocritical of Baker, no matter what his job was, to be not just punishing, but hammering, fraternities for underage drinking and then turning around and egregiously committing a somewhat similar crime, socially speaking.

That’s not a perfect comparison, but ideally you would like the person enforcing social rules on you to hold themselves somewhere near their own social standards, and/or the standards they’ve been tasked to uphold. Cruising the Craigslist personal ads in search of for-pay beejers from a kid who looks like the kids you’re in charge of is, uh, not doing that. You don’t see me going around lecturing people on how to be appropriate and professional in the workplace, or drunken tactfulness. (There is some unfortunate overlap between those two.)

[via The Charleston Gazette-Mail]

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