The Fraternity That Carried Their Wheelchair-Bound Brother Up A Mountain Is Under Investigation For Hazing

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Two weeks ago, we reported on the heartwarming story of the Quinnipiac University Sig Ep brothers who took turns carrying their wheelchair-bound brother Joey up to the top of a mountain. The hike to the summit of “Sleeping Giant” is considered a rite of passage at Quinnipiac, and one that Joey would not have been able to accomplish without the love and support of his brothers. The event was one of the most highly-visible positive Greek stories picked up by the media this year.

Still didn’t hear about that story when it broke? You can thank the anti-Greek media sentiment. Pretty sure you could go out today, give the kiss of life to an octogenarian who’s choking on his dentures, save a child from a well, and kill Joseph Kony, and the news would still opt to report on the New Brunswick Gourd Festival over your heroic escapades. If they did report on you, it would probably be the video of you saving the child from the well, which they would play in reverse so it looks like you’re plopping the little fucker down an earth-hole to his untimely demise.

Don’t worry, though! You got to hear about that story now, because the media is reporting that the QU Sig Ep chapter is under investigation for hazing allegations.

From FOX CT:

A Quinnipiac University fraternity is under investigation by the school following an incident that occurred over the weekend.

The school served Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp) a cease and desist order over the weekend, school officials said in a statement.

“The university issued a cease and desist order to Sigma Phi Epsilon over the weekend while it investigates allegations regarding the fraternity’s process for new members,” said Lynn Bushnell, vice president for public affairs. “We have zero tolerance for any behavior which threatens the safety and security of any member of the university community.”

The school has not released any more details about what occurred.

This is nothing against FOX CT — they actually reported on both stories. But it’s disheartening to be reminded that while Greeks must do absolutely amazing things to get the news coverage that the Sig Eps got, all it takes is one small allegation, not even a known truth, to get negative media coverage. If you google “Quinnipiac Sigma Phi Epsilon,” there is no mention of their amazing journey to the top of Sleeping Giant on the front page, but there are four news reports about the cease and desist they just received. Of course timely “news” such as this recent development will be closer to the front of Google’s results, but the fact that the good that QU Sig Ep did a mere two weeks ago to promote their fundraiser that is still ongoing (and that you should donate to) is nowhere to be found on the front page is an absolute disgrace.

Now, onto the matter at hand. I’m sure you have a much better idea of how to keep kids on the straight-and-narrow in college, Quinnipiac. It’s not like less than four years ago you had five basketball players arrested for assault-related charges in the offseason who the guy that is still your head basketball coach kept on the roster. Oh, wait — that happened? Yeah, I wouldn’t trust you to tell me how to handle my pledges.

You think this chapter’s new member process isn’t turning out quality guys? They did something so awesome and that showed such great character that media outlets actually reported on it. That never happens. They just gave your university the best publicity possible, and now you’re stabbing them in the back because you think that whatever they’re doing to instill values in their new members — values that received national praise — is wrong? Take a look in the mirror, QU.

[via FOX CT]

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