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The Big 12 is Having Another Banner Day

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Another day, another bit of proof that everyone but the University of Texas really fucking hates the Longhorn Network. From Texas Tech’s Rivals site, Red Raider Sports:

Texas Tech’s Sept. 8 road game against Texas State may be broadcast on the Longhorn Network, an athletic department source with direct knowledge of the situation told’s Chris Level and Aaron Dickens on Thursday.

ESPN announced earlier this month that the game would be carried on one of its platforms, but did not specify which.

Tech learned of this possibility several days ago, and according to the source, is “adamantly opposed to playing on the Longhorn Network” and is “putting serious consideration into canceling the game and playing an 11 game schedule” this fall.

Goddamn right, I’d want to cancel it too. Why in the hell would you want your university to have one of its football (or basketball) games broadcast solely on a different university’s channel? That’s so counterproductive for Texas Tech that it’s absurd. If I were Texas Tech I’d rather be broadcast on a local Fox Sports outlet than “nationally” (I’m using that word very liberally) on The Longhorn Network.

“Hey potential Tech football recruits, look at us! We have to play our games on our rival school’s TV station! Come on down to Lubbock, the chest on which UT and ESPN like to take dumps!”

Just because the game features two schools that happen to be from Texas, doesn’t mean that they should be broadcast on The Longhorn Network. That’s a channel for the University of Texas, not the state of Texas. Texas Tech would like to remain a potential contender and relevant member in the Big 12. They would also like to become a bigger player in their own state with the departure of Texas A&M and Missouri (who lured many football recruits out of the state). Trying to make Tech play on the Longhorn Network is nothing short of degrading to that university and their efforts. Texas State recently moved into the Mountain West Conference and would desperately like to shed its bottom tier status in terms of Texas football. Forcing them to play their most high profile game of the year (assuming they don’t make a bowl) on the Longhorn Network relegates them right back down there.

I’m sure the University of Texas is completely okay with this. Saying they’d like to have a stranglehold on the state of Texas is a vast understatement. Trying to expand the Longhorn Network to cover sports games not involving UT is asinine. The Longhorn Network was founded to make UT an ungodly amount of money and because someone, somewhere thought people in Maine might want to pay extra on their cable bill to watch UT women’s volleyball. Let’s try and keep it that way.

ESPN has since relented and announced that the Longhorn Network will no longer carry Texas Tech vs. Texas State. The schools are hoping that another ESPN outlet will pick up the early season matchup.

Meanwhile over at the online Big 12 store the conference is selling a pair of t-shirts that seem, well… a little out of place. Seriously who runs this conference? This via Rock M Nation:


Selling the Mizzou shirt I sort of get, since Missouri and Texas A&M (hey they’re from Texas, put them on the Longhorn Network!) are still members of the conference for a few more days. Regardless, it’s pretty funny that the Big 12 is selling that slap in the face on their official website. But the SEC shirt? Oh Big 12… I just don’t even know what to say anymore.

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