The Best Ways To Celebrate Memorial Day

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The Best Ways To Celebrate Memorial Day

In my humble opinion, Memorial Day is one of the most underrated holidays we celebrate. The 4th of July is an outrageous celebration of everything there is to love about America, and while I believe our armed forces deserve twice the fervor and celebration we muster up each July, Memorial Day calls for a much calmer and contemplative celebration. If you know someone who has served or given the ultimate sacrifice for our country, you probably don’t need to read any further. But if you don’t feel that you have a connection to the U.S. Armed Forces or don’t understand what Memorial Day is about, read about why Memorial Day matters, and then read on here.

Hangout On The Water Or In The Woods

The actual place isn’t so much of a big deal, the idea is to go somewhere that makes you think. Given the season, the most popular spots are a lake, beach, or campsite. Being on the water or being close to nature will put you in a mood for reflection. On top of an introspective setting, spending the holiday with people you love, to remind you what you have to be thankful for, will do a lot for helping you put the day into perspective. Enjoy the time with good people in a great place, and embrace the blessed life you get to lead.

See A Parade

They’re not Trix cereal, parades aren’t just for kids. Almost every city in America has one, they’re free, and they are just about guaranteed to give you some kind of a freedom boner. Going to a Memorial Day parade gives you and your buddies the chance to literally cheer for America’s armed forces. Your local route isn’t going to be anything like the bullshit Macy’s does for Thanksgiving — a whole lot of money spent on big, flashy balloons for no reason other than kids love cartoons and adults get nostalgic around the holidays. Local parades are going to have local veterans and active duty members, people in your community who have helped keep our country safe. Go cheer for them, and then go find a bar in town for the next item on the list.

Have A Drink

Make a toast, or just enjoy the cold brew on a hot summer day. Whatever you do, take a moment between sips and really think about what the holiday means. Think of all the men and women who won’t get to enjoy the sweet bubbly amber nectar of the gods, and take your next sip knowing that they’d be pleased to hear that you’re enjoying life. I’m sure each one of them would love to know that you’re taking advantage of the opportunities you have in front of you, including the opportunity to celebrate our country. Hell, crack open an extra drink and pour it out for all those who served, gave their lives, and deserve a cold beer more than anyone.

However you choose to spend your holiday, go back to work or school with enthusiasm and a sense of duty. Many a serviceman will tell you that they’re just doing their job, so give thanks to them by not taking yours for granted. Remember to be grateful for the safety you’re given and to honor those who gave everything to provide it.

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