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The 25 Universities With The Worst Professors

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We’ve all had bad professors. I remember a math professor freshman year so bad and so completely senile that a segment of lecture on series in Calc. II turned into a discussion of eating guinea pig and ordering melon from a small Chilean cafe. In related news, apparently guinea pig is delicious. These experiences, at most schools, should just be an anomaly. The schools on the following list, however, have the dubious distinction of being some of the most highly concentrated homes of professorial suck in the country according to With a few of these rankings it would seem that a few grains of salt need to be taken, as we are going off of internet reviews from a site that isn’t exactly doing peer-reviewed research. That said, I can at least attest that Maryland probably deserves #25 on this list. The number of professors here that should be in nursing homes or psychiatric wards, especially in the hard sciences, is astoundingly high.

25 universities with the worst professors

1. U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (NY)
2. Michigan Technological University
3. U.S. Coast Guard Academy (CT)
4. Milwaukee School of Engineering
5. New Jersey Institute of Technology
6. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY)
7. Widener University (PA)
8. St. Cloud University (MN)
9. Bentley University (MA)
10. Indiana State University
11. Worcester Polytechnic Institute (MA)
12. Central Michigan University
13. Minnesota State University, Mankato
14. Pace University (NY)
15. Stevens Institute of Technology (NJ)
16. Seton Hall University (NJ)
17. Westminster College (PA)
18. Howard University (DC)
19. Iowa State University
20. University of Toledo (OH)
21. Truman State University (MO)
22. Illinois State University
23. University of Connecticut
24. Oregon Institute of Technology
25. University of Maryland

There’s a decent concentration of New Jersey schools on the list, which should be surprising to no one who has ever been to New Jersey. Small Midwest schools and a few bigger Midwest state schools round out the other big group. The US Merchant Marine Academy takes the award for being the worst in the country in terms of professor ratings.

The number of big state schools is a little surprising, but that could just be a function of a great school with a few exceptionally shitty departments. Research universities seem to get hit hardest by this problem, because the professors would rather be running experiments in their labs than teaching several hundred hungover freshman at 8 am on Monday morning. Of course, if the class wasn’t so goddamn boring in the first place, maybe we wouldn’t go hungover.

Feel free to tear the list apart in the comments.

[via Yahoo! News]


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