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The 16 Best Shows To Watch While Skipping Class This Semester

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Fall semester is about to start, so it’s time to plan ahead and pick out which TV shows you’re going to watch when you inevitably start skipping class.

I’m not advocating skipping, but going to class sucks. The myth that attending class matters is utterly false. In fact, in my four years of college, I probably attended a year’s worth of school. (Sorry, Mom and Dad.) They still gave me my degree, and I did some incredibly fun stuff during that time instead of learning fluency-level Spanish.

Of course, some days you just want to watch TV. That’s how I am, at least. I don’t like stupid shows. There is nothing worse than watching awful comedies like “The Big Bang Theory” or “Two And A Half Men.” That’s the stuff my grammie likes to watch. I like the new era of TV–you know, good TV.

Here is the definitive list of the best TV shows you can binge-watch this semester when you’re lying in bed and skipping class. Keep in mind that some of you will have to steal a friend’s HBO GO password to watch all these.

16. “Workaholics”

Good stoner humor. Not great stoner humor, but good stoner humor.

15. “30 Rock”

One of the only network TV comedies that is bearable. Alec Baldwin might be crazy, but he is funny as hell.

14. “Homeland”

Seasons one and two are good. Season three sucks. Still, with Showtime, at least you get some nudity.

13. “Nathan For You”

One of the funniest new shows on Comedy Central. Inventor of Dumb Starbucks. He is a real-life troll.

12. “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

Charlie Day talks in a high-pitched voice and Danny DeVito looks like Danny DeVito.

11. “Veep”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus was a billionaire before she even started acting. She makes a serious case for hottest woman over 50.

10. “Summer Heights High”

It’s the Australian version of “Arrested Development.” Easily the greatest form of art to ever come out of that strange, penal colony.

9. “Louie”

Louis C.K. is the most depressed guy on the planet, but it’s all worth it because he is funny. The show is just him doing really depressing, everyday things like getting divorced and raising children. He makes us laugh but also cry at the core of our soul.

8. “Suits”

A lawyer’s version of “Entourage” and “Mad Men”–hot women and money.

7. “Mad Men”

Don Draper gets laid more than anyone else on TV. That is a feat that should be celebrated.

6. “Arrested Development”

Cult classic. Probably the funniest show in the last 10 years.

5. “House Of Cards”

Kevin Spacey is fucking scary in everything he does. This is no exception.

4. “Game Of Thrones”

Sex, violence, drama: honestly, this show has it all. I’ve always hated fantasy, but this is the first show that deals with dragons that I thought was awesome.

3. “Entourage”

Money. Women. Ari Gold. Aquaman. More women. Medellin. Drugs. Rehab. Even more women.

2. “Breaking Bad”

This show is in the conversation for the greatest show of all time. Probably only competes with “The Sopranos.” Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Giancarlo Esposito are acting Hall-of-Famers now. If you start this one, just know you’ll need to take off at least two weeks of class and cancel everything else you’re doing that is less important.

1. “The Sopranos”

The birthplace of good television. There is not a better show. Even now, a decade old, James Gandolfini owns every television actor 1,000 times over. You’ll order in baked ziti at least 15 times. The Sopranos created the anti-hero and the movement from sitcoms to studio features. Cancel all of your classes–your professors will understand.

Image via The Sopranos Facebook Page

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