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The 10 Best TFM Columns Of 2015

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10. What It’s Like To Be A 21-Year-Old Male Porn Star


Logan Pierce is a 21-year-old male porn star. While the female actresses get all the fame, the life of a porn star can be completely different for the males. Logan takes us inside his life and what it’s like to be a male porn star in a world we know all too well.

9. 45 Signs You’re A Douchebag – A Refresher


We’ve made some progress with fedoras, sunglasses at night, popped collars, and energy drink tattoos, but truth be told, we’re all guilty of the occasional slip-up. So, it’s time for a quick refresher on what it means to be a douche.

8. How To Actually Get A Girl To Show You Her Tits (Written By A Girl)


A girl wants us to know what it takes to actually get a female to show you her tits. With these tried and true techniques, you’ll be getting so many tit pics that your phone may overheat. You’ll want to know these methods.

7. I’m A Guy And I Was Raped By A Girl


We talk a lot about double standards, but this is a big one.

6. A Message To The World From An Anonymous Fraternity Member At The University Of Oklahoma


The media did an incredible job reporting on the events at OU over the SAE chant scandal, but, unfortunately, there is one important aspect of the story that did not receive coverage: the effects of that week on the Greek community. This first-hand account shows how bad the rest of Greek life had it following the incident.

5. Top 9 Universities For Greek Life In The United States Of America


This topic has sparked heated discussions amongst the masses. Which school has the best Greek life and which schools are the most likely to don cargo shorts and Crocs? It’s a fight that has left families divided, and friendships ruined.

4. Unquestionable Ranking Of The 10 Best Party Schools In The Nation


Without partying in college, there is no fun — just a bunch of learning. Sure, you could stick to the books for four to seven years, never develop any social skills and become an extremely lonely and awkward doctor, or you could be a real human being and party your dick off for five or six years. So what school rages harder than the rest? We settled the score.

3. Power Ranking The Hottest Sororities In America


Which sororities are the hottest when you combine all of their talents from every chapter? Which ones become more watered down as you throw in more and more chapters? This list of the 10 hottest sororities in the nation will let you in on that secret.

2. Indisputable Ranking Of The Easiest Colleges At Which To Get Laid


Debated by many, and settled by none is the argument over which schools are the easiest at which to get laid. With a tough problem to solve, we broke down the Xs and Os, assessed the strengths and weaknesses of each school, and covered everything in between. The results were a list of the 10 schools that you want to go to if you’re promiscuous.

1. TFM’s Top 10 Universities With The Hottest Girls


Which schools are loaded with top notch talent? We came up with an indisputable ranking of which colleges have the hottest girls. The results may surprise you.

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