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The “Other” Chapter

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Every fraternity worth belonging to has chapters in nearly every state. With this large of a geographic spread, a difference in membership from chapter to chapter is expected. While this difference in membership assures that some of your “F or NF” standards might be challenged, some houses just push it too damn far. I’m talking about the black sheep. Those chapters whose brothers you see on Fail Friday wearing embroidered hoodies and cargo shorts while swimming in a sea of equally embarrassing whales disguised as sorostitutes.

I know shit gets fuzzy at the end of hell week but those oaths of eternal brotherhood you took at the end of hell week are supposed to apply to the guys in all the “other” chapters. Yes, you are forever bound to that doucher with the Polo horse tattoo.

Fortunately you can avoid these guys for most of your fraternal experience. They are unlikely to attend a school relevant enough to warrant a road trip and equally as unlikely to be visiting the same frat destination as you. But, at some point in your fraternal career you are bound to run into them. National conventions are notoriously thick with members from “other” chapters. Mandatory attendance assures that a sampling of brothers from the bottom rungs of your national organization will be in attendance. The dress code at the actual convention might make identifying the “other” chapter difficult but the sneakers and blazer look is probably a dead give away.

Now most of you will not attend a national conference but you are not safe from the random visitor. You know who I’m talking about. Your president got a call from so and so from the Rho Nu chapter at Who Gives a Fuck State and they’re going to be in town tonight. Common sense tells you that their irrelevant university located conspicuously north of the Mason-Dixon line harbors an unfortunate breed of fraternity man. If you reject your instincts and extend an invitation in the name of brotherhood you are sure to be disappointed. The brothers from the “other” chapter will probably resemble the last five kids you kicked out of rush and possess comparable skills. If curiosity gets the better of you and you decide to ask about their chapter, prepare for the shame. Best case scenario, their from somewhere with a tiny greek system. Worst case they have 14 guys, no pledgeship, and refer to three connecting apartments as the “fratcastle.”

Thankfully, these instances will be few and far between, allowing us to live our lives without the constant thoughts of all these assholes wearing our letters.

If you have no idea what the fuck I’m talking about then you’re in the “other” chapter.

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