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That Ole Miss Dude Who Bit A Hamster’s Damn Head Off Was Kicked Out Of His Fraternity

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So we’ve gotten a million tips from you guys about this spring breaker from Ole Miss who was recorded biting a hamster’s head clean off his tiny little hamster body like a drunken savage before tossing the rest of him away like a butcher would spoiled meat. Here’s the honest truth: We received the video quite literally 30 minutes after we published that highly disturbing goat beheading video that had people blowing chunks and calling us psychopaths for showing it.

It was just really odd timing, so we thought it best not to run two different helpless animal decapitation videos within an hour of each other. We didn’t want that kind of heat on us. Then we were all, “Fuck, it’s getting dark on here today,” so we tabled the video altogether. A shame, too. That’s our wheelhouse. If a college kid is going to bite the head off a small animal, that’s our story to own. Every time. Of course, other publications picked it up and ran with it, then it went crazy viral while we were sitting around with our thumbs up our asses, wishing we had run it. Then you assholes flooded our inboxes with “How have you idiots not seen this hamster shit yet?” type stuff.

If you haven’t seen the video yet (you have), it’s below. Warning: This version is censored, but may still be considered graphic to some people.

The blood-thirsty spring breaker in the vagina slayer wolf tee is Brady Eaves, an Ole Miss student and now former member of Phi Delta Theta. He was removed from his fraternity on account of the very public hamster murder thing. His chapter president skewered him, too.

From NBC 12:

Eaves was a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity on campus. On Tuesday afternoon, the fraternity’s president issued an email saying Eaves had been kicked out of the fraternity and members were shocked by his actions.

“We are very disappointed and disgusted in Brady’s actions. These actions are inconsistent with what we believe as men of Phi Delta Theta and are inconsistent with the creed of the University of Mississippi. This incident was during spring break and is in no way associated with any chapter activity of Phi Delta Theta.”

I’m seriously so close to launching a Ban Spring Break campaign if you kids don’t start controlling your behavior. It’s Gulf Shores. It’s Panama City Beach. Not ‘Nam. There are rules.

[via NBC 12]

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