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TFM’s Top 10 Universities For College Football

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TFM's Top 10 Universities For College Football

I’ve already schooled you on which schools have the hottest girls, and where to find the best Greek life. Now, it’s time to settle a widely debated topic: What universities have the best college football?

This isn’t just a list of the current best teams in the nation, either. There is some method to my madness. Some of the factors that went into my decisions were: tailgating scene, atmosphere inside the stadium, history and tradition, and overall quality of the team (sorry to my alma mater, SMU, but we suck). So, without further ado, let’s hit the rankings.

10. Texas


The Longhorns find themselves on this list because of their history, tradition, and passionate fans. The overall atmosphere and game day experience are obviously lacking. There isn’t a huge tailgating scene, and once you’re inside DKR for the game, the feel is more like an NFL game. Sitting is encouraged. However, UT does have a lot of saving graces. The fans are very into their program, and typically, they do put on a good show. Unfortunately, for the last few seasons, the tradition and history couldn’t help them on the field. Another underwhelming season could drop them out of next year’s top ten.

9. Penn State

Penn State

Happy Valley is home to one of the best football programs in the history of college football. From the tailgating scene to the product on the field, it’s all good. The tailgates stretch for miles on farmland that surrounds Beaver Stadium (which has the second highest capacity among football stadiums in America). Once inside the stadium, the atmosphere is awesome. 100,000+ PSU fans whiting out the stadium and “Zombie Nation” blaring from the sound system make for one of the best places to take in a college football game. Just be sure to stay away from the locker room showers.

8. Florida State University

Florida State

While most of everything that comes out of the state of Florida is terrible, the ‘Noles are consistently good. Even when the Hurricanes were dominating the college football world in the ’90s and early 2000s, the Seminoles still put out a good product. They can guarantee a top-two finish in the ACC even when the team is not that good. Doak Campbell Stadium is always rocking with 83,000+ doing the tomahawk chop constantly. Chief Osceola spiking a spear is pretty damn intimidating as well. The pre-game party is nothing to scoff at, either. You’re going to have a good time going to a Florida State game. Who knows, maybe you’ll even score an FSU ten. The female student body, in and of itself, validates them on this list.

7. Oregon


While Autzen Stadium doesn’t have the highest capacity in all of college football, it is home to one of, if not the, loudest stadiums in all of America. It’s an absolute madhouse inside the stadium from kickoff until the final whistle. The recent success of Oregon also has vaulted the program into household name status. While their history doesn’t match up with Pac-12 counterpart, USC, the last ten or so years have made them the sexier football school. This selection is almost solely based on in-game experience and how good the teams have been as of late. You won’t get much history when it comes to Oregon football, and I’m not sure what the tailgate scene is like if we’re being honest, but you will get about 700 different jersey combos, a loud stadium, and a lot of wins.

6. Ole Miss

Ole Miss

Surprised to see them here and not higher? The Grove can only get the Rebels up so high. While Ole Miss arguably has the best tailgate spot in the country, they lack in SEC titles and a powerhouse feel for a football team. Don’t let that fool you, though. Ole Miss is a top-tier school when it comes to college football. Take a stroll through Oxford on a Saturday in the Fall and it’s easy to see that no matter what their record is, they take their football very seriously. If they had the success that an LSU had, they could be number one on this list.

5. Oklahoma


The state sucks, but the football does not. Oklahoma has always been considered one of the best football schools in the nation. From Billy Sims to Sam Bradford, the Sooners have been putting tons of talent on the field, and it pays off. Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium is one of the toughest stadiums to play in country. The fans are very serious about their Sooner football, and you can’t go wrong with OU when it comes to the party side of college game day. They will put on a show outside the stadium before and after the game. I’ve never had a bad time in Norman during college football season, and neither will you.

4. University Of Georgia


UGA is a college fan’s fantasy. Athens is a great location to be at on a Saturday in the Fall. Might have the best atmosphere in the nation when it comes to gameday. The fans are passionate and the teams are great. The school is rich in tradition and history as well. Going in between the hedges can be tough for any opponent. Fine woman, fine food, and a plethora of alcohol await you at the tailgates. Plus, you get to go to frat beach every year. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

3. LSU


There’s no place like Death Valley. The mystique that surrounds the stadium is magnificent, especially during a night game when it seems LSU can’t lose. When you think of premier programs, LSU is near the top of everyone’s list. The tailgates are just as good as the games, where getting hammered isn’t encouraged, but seems to be required. Maybe you’ll even see some ass-eating. If recent history tells us anything, it’s possible. The incredible display moves into the stadium where it is just as crazy. Mix that all in a pot with the team’s tradition and history of winning ball games and you’re going to be top-tier. Plus they have this guy:

2. Ohio State

Ohio State

The reigning national champions come in at the two spot, which is nothing to cry about given the number one school. Ohio State does it real well when it comes to the gridiron. From their rich history and tradition to their dominance on the field, the Buckeyes are widely known as being one of the best programs in the nation. Not to mention the fact that the football atmosphere at Ohio Stadium is insane. Buckeye fans make it hell on opposing teams with 104,000 raucous fans. Their tailgating scene is nothing to shake a stick at, either.

1. Alabama


Tradition, history, great atmosphere, and a hell of a tailgate put the Crimson Tide at number one. Sure, their fans might be the most obnoxious mutants that ever roamed the planet, but they can cash the checks that their mouths write. They are a powerhouse both on and off the field when it comes to college football. You’ll never have a bad time in Tuscaloosa on game day (unless you’re a fan of the opposing team). The games will most likely be high-profile, ESPN GameDay-nominees, and fun to watch.

Honorable Mention: University of Florida, West Virginia, Texas Tech, Michigan, Wisconsin, USC, Auburn, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, University Of Tennessee

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