TFM’s 10 Best Universities For Greek Life In The United States Of America

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TFM's 10 Best Universities For Greek Life In The United States Of America

It’s the debate that never ends, but alas, I am here to settle the score, just as I did with the schools with the hottest females.

After doing some hard research, I narrowed my list down to a handful of schools. Without further ado, I present to you the 10 schools with the best Greek life.

Honorable Mention: Oklahoma State, Indiana, Arizona, Kansas State, University of Southern California, Univeristy Of Virginia, South Carolina, Texas, Miami (Oh), North Carolina, Ohio State, East Carolina, College Of Charleston, University of Wisconsin

10. Southern Methodist University


Last year, SMU came in at number 9. They are still a good school if you’re going Greek, however. This may seem like a biased pick given that the Mustangs are my alma mater, but I am here to squash any notion of that. Thirty-three percent of SMU’s students will join one of the ten fraternities or eight sororities. On the weekends, you can find Greeks at Homebar, Avenu, or Milos. When fall rolls around, we put on one hell of a show on the Boulevard, packing it with thousands of people dressed to the nines.

SMU has the attitude that any problem can be solved by throwing a bunch of money at it. Just ask any of our super wealthy alumni. That gives us a very solid base for Greek life. In addition, we give tons of money through our philanthropies.

9. University of Arkansas


An honorable mention last year has cracked the top 10 for 2016. I have had the privilege to meet a lot of Arkansas Greeks over the past year, mainly when I was in Fayetteville for the Texas Tech game. While they host a great tailgate, they also throw some pretty insane parties and host a plethora of hot women (a lot hail from the state of Texas).

What really sets the University of Arkansas Greek life apart isn’t the partying or the women, though. It’s the academics, philanthropic efforts, size, and the housing war going on. If you are in a sorority at Arkansas, chances are you’re smart. Their Fall ’15 GPA for all women was a 3.30, compared to 2.80 for all women students. The men? Still a solid 3.03 compared to 2.67 for all male students.

8. University of Oklahoma


In what is probably the most underrated Greek campus in America, the Sooners of Oklahoma come in at number 8. A LOT of students go Greek at OU. Some of the bigger fraternity chapters have over 220 members. Their houses match their giant member numbers, too. Some of the houses can hold up to seventy residents.

Fiji, Lambda Chi, Beta, ATO, and Kappa Sigma all either have brand new houses or just dropped millions on renovations. Just a giant one-upping competition going on in Norman. It’s no surprise that they have some of the nicest houses in the nation.

The sororities are full of hot women, they donate a lot of money to charities, and have some good academics compared to the non-affiliates. Add up all those factors and mix in a pretty damn good party scene and you have a good recipe for a Greek school.

7. Clemson University


Clemson doesn’t offer fraternity and sorority houses on campus, but that doesn’t hinder the Tigers from being one of the best Greek colleges in the nation. A big portion of their 14,000+ student population proudly wear their letters every day.

Clemson is pretty academically sound as it is. You won’t find much disparity between affiliated and non-affiliated students, but when the dust settles, Greek students do tend to have higher GPAs than those who didn’t go Greek. Sure, there have been some actions of a few that put a bad scar on Greek life at Clemson, but it is still a good school to attend if you want to get involved with a fraternity or sorority.

6. Louisiana State University


LSU has been lurking for years as one of the nation’s most notorious schools for Greek life. They have it all: the parties, the houses, the girls, etc. Twenty-two percent of the school’s 31,000 students are Greek. That should be a little indication of who is running the school. If that’s not enough evidence, just look at the student government elections. The president of SGA almost always comes from Greek life (including this year).

LSU routinely raises nearly half a million dollars a year for philanthropy. During Greek Week, the fraternities and sororities build two homes for needy families every year. They host some of the best fraternity parties in the south (Bahama Mama, Shipwrecked, Old South, and Phi Psichedelic). They also have some pretty sweet houses. They’re currently building a $5M house for Alpha Phi and a $7M house for Kappa Sig.

5. Penn State University

Penn State

Penn State has a huge Greek scene with something close to 50 fraternities or something crazy like that. Having that type of Greek membership will land you in the top 5 every time. They have a super cool philanthropy you may have heard of called THON, which pulls in millions of dollars for a good cause every year.

Known for their daylongs, Penn State Greeks know how to have a good time. During the football season, the fraternities join together to throw a giant tailgate. Great college town, even better Greek life.

4. Texas Tech University

Texas Tech

Lubbock is Texas’s butthole. The city itself is just brutal, but it’s not so bad if you’re a member of Greek life, as the college aspect of this college town is elite. If you haven’t been to Chimys for some Dr. Pepper shootouts, margaritas, and some good blackout fun, then you are missing out. The Greek presence is felt everywhere on campus at Tech, boasting 24 active fraternities (Sigma Chi coming back in 2017) and 12 sororities. Most of the good houses have chapters with membership north of triple digits — at least most of the ones on Greek Circle 1 or 2.

Tech also is known for some big-time philanthropy efforts with some sort of Greek event to raise money for charity happening almost weekly. The girls, too, are really nice on the eyes, and the houses are just as nice as the girls. The Greek tailgates are a must on fall Saturdays, with the fraternities smoking meat and serving cold drinks. Plus they toss tortillas at the game and get unruly with opposing teams.

3. University of Georgia


Athens has it all. They have a football team on the rise, the best college town in America, and one of the greatest Greek scenes. The chapters at UGA are massive, which is an accurate representation of their houses, as well. The houses look like something out of the early Greek periods mixed with some Colonial style.

When it comes to partying, the Greeks at UGA know how to throw down. Hell, they have fucking Frat Beach aka the world’s largest cocktail party where thousands of people head to St. Simons Island to party it up before taking on the Florida Gators in their annual game.

When it comes to philanthropy, the Bulldogs don’t skimp on that, either. They raise tons of money to help raise awareness for certain causes, which is headlined by Sigma Delta Tau’s Greek Grind. Lastly, these kids are smart. They almost always fare better academically than their non-Greek counterparts.

2. Ole Miss

Ole Miss

When you think of Ole Miss, you think of Greek life. The two go hand in hand. Almost every school in America should strive to be like Ole Miss when it comes to Greek life. The students in the fraternities and sororities are a close-knit group allowing them to come together to solve any issues on campus. Plus, they throw big cash towards good causes with upwards of $40K per house going to their philanthropic efforts.

Large plantation-style houses, The Grove, the Ole Miss belles, and the overall party scene puts Ole Miss over the top. However, they have finally been toppled as the greatest Greek school in America.

1. University of Alabama


Twenty-nine IFC fraternities and 18 Panhellenic sororities. They come from all over, too: Texas, Georgia, Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, etc., so you get a good mix of cultures and women. It’s time to admit that Alabama doesn’t just reign supreme on the gridiron, but also in the Greek life.

They have extremely extravagant houses to go along with their “we’re better than you” attitude. They even sparked a national outrage over Alpha Phi being too hot and too white. Combine all the good things that Greek life brings at Bama with that fact that Chancellor Witt wants kids to come to Alabama for their Greek life, then you have the premier school for Greek life in the United States.

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