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It seems as though we have a bit of an issue with troll accounts, so I feel as though a guide to the best, worst, and inconsistently good users would be of use. Not all troll accounts are bad, and a little humor at the sake of some, like those too short in intelligence to catch the sarcastic pitches that would hit everyone else in the chest, is a good thing. After all, we all need a laugh on occassion. You think this site is supposed to be serious 100% of the time? Fuck you. You have never been at an event with your brothers where humor has not been had, because if you have, your “fraternity” is probably an Honors Club. That is why I say we embrace the good trolls, ignore the poor, and refuse to let a little sarcasm/blatant rudeness get in the way of our good times on here. This site is like a party for the whole village, but over the night, some of the fraternity men without a house on the row have started to arrive. There is no reason to make a scene and kick them to the curb (at least they are not GDIs), but you do not have to extend a hand to the near-geed and make conversation. So I call for us to appreciate the guys unfortunate enough to have joined a bottom tier during their first semester, and ignore those who are fit for their less-than-stellar brotherhood.


  1. carolinahaze- Funny, rude, and witty, carolinahaze is consistently able to post comments that are perfect for the nature of this site.
  2. Jim Bro laws- Not always on top of his game, but his recent surge in comments have been, for the most part, funny as hell. Also, he comprehends how the mind of a troll works, and sees through the attempts. Also, he is not defensive or argumentative when someone corrects him or calls him out.
  3. Oprah is a Dyke- His name sums up everything I could say about him. On a side note, his video links usually are good for a laugh.
  4. SleepandEat- Usually contributes solid material and decent sarcasm. Added bonus of stopping before he gets irritating.

While all of these may not be trolls, their attempts to stir things up and heavy use of sarcasm make them the best of the controversial contributors.


  1. The Piker- He is a dick, over the top, and rarely classy, but his crude statements and quick wit make him, at the very least, tolerable. He irritates almost every one of you, because most of the time, you just ignore the fact that his goal is to get you emotional over a fucking website filled with anonymous users. How you let him get to you so easily, I am not sure. What I am sure of though, is that he makes some excellent jokes and causes some of the most humorous replies by irrationally angered users. I say keep him, for his originality. To The Piker, just learn to post a little less, and maybe tone down the most offensive insults, and people will be happier to accommodate your presence.
  2. xXRushPike69Xx- Clearly a troll, but can be funny if you just take his posts for what they are: humorous cuts at Pike, or rather, an embodiment of the stereotypical Pike chapter you have all created in your imaginations.
  3. The_Chilis_Guy- Funny, but sometimes the long delays and over-posting upon his return can kill the humor. Also, gets old once in a while.


  1. The Red Lobster Guy- Just a stupid attention whore seeking fame from his Chili’s counterpart.
  2. Wine_and_Phine- Just shut up already, troll or not.
  3. The_Piker- Really? That desperate for attention?
  4. The_Pikers_Mom- Two troll accounts made for the sake of another troll account. How sad.
  5. monumentavenue- Fuck you.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. The instigators of most of the conflict on this site, categorized by their value. Learn to take a joke now, TFM users.

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