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TFM Super Bowl Prop Bet Challenge Results

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What a fucking game. Whether you’re chalking it up as one of the most incredible comebacks or most pathetic meltdowns of all-time, the end result was undeniable entertainment. After a relatively shitty NFL season, that game might’ve made it all worthwhile. Granted, the Patriots won again, and they need another ring like I need a third nut, but still, shit was insane. To top it all off, as the Patriots came storming back from 25 points down, I made a historic comeback for the ages of my own.

As you may or may not know, the guys at MyBookie hooked some of us at TFM up with $500 to gamble on prop bets for the big game. Then they analyzed the prop bets that we made, and determined the odds for which one of us would win the most money. Whoever won the most money would be given an additional $750 prize. Then they allowed you, our loyal and loving readers, to bet on which one of us would win the most money.

Here were the odds offered for who would win the prop bet challenge:

ROSS [+125]
DILLON [+150]
JARED [+450]
MICAH [+500]
WILL [+250]
DAN [+200]
DAVE [+400]

Now, here’s the really important part. Check out the prop bets that Dillon made.

$100 to win $86.96 that the Falcons would win the coin toss at -115 odds. WINNER
$100 to win $95.42 that Luke Bryan would sing the National Anthem in under 127.5 seconds at -105 odds. WINNER
$100 to win $450 that the Falcons first scoring play would be a touchdown run at +450 odds. WINNER
$50 to win $105 that Lady Gaga would be shown on the NRG Stadium roof at +210 odds. WINNER
$100 to win $83.33 that Julio Jones would have within half a yard the amount of receiving yards as Julian Edelman at -120 odds (they both ended up with 127 receiving yards). WINNER
$50 to win $325 that Lady Gaga’s first song would be “Born This Way” at +650 odds. LOSER

Dillon went 5-for-6 on prop bets. That’s unheard of. An unbelievable performance from that man. Surely he was going to win the office prop bet challenge. It seemed like a certainty.

Now, look at the prop bets I made.

$57.50 to win $50 that the coin would land on tails during the coin toss at -115 odds. LOSER
$82.50 to win $50 that the Patriots first score would be a touchdown at -165 odds. LOSER
$100 to win $1,400 that Martellus Bennett would score 2 or more touchdowns at +1400 odds. LOSER
$55 to win $50 that Julian Edelman would have half a yard more total receiving yardage than Julio Jones at -110 odds. LOSER
$100 to win $300 that there would be a missed extra point after a touchdown at +300 odds. WINNER

So, with the exception of that last +300 winner on the missed extra point that boinked off the upright, I was pretty much fucked, right? 1-for-5 is not good. In fact, some would consider 1-for-5 to be bad. Oh wait, I forgot to include my last prop bet.

$105.50 to win $791.25 that the Patriots would win the game by 4-6 points at +750 odds. WINNER

So not only did I need the Patriots to engineer an unprecedented comeback to even have a chance, I then needed them to win by a touchdown in sudden death overtime, where we all know an extra point would not take place, to secure a 6-point victory. Based on the way thing were going through the first 3 quarters, I had completely written off our office prop bet challenge and was just focused on the chaos of the game. I had completely shit the bed and given up all hope in my head. But as the Patriots were driving in overtime, I got a text from Dillon reminding me that if the Pats came away with a touchdown, I would hit my +750 prop on them winning by 4-6 points and, as a result, win the office prop bet challenge.

That happened, and I have been paid the office prop bet challenge winner’s prize of an additional $750, because I am a champion, and champions get paid. Feel free to hit Dillon up on Twitter and let him know what a shit ass handicapper he is. The guy is moping around the office like his whole family died in a fire. He’s bitter as hell. Can’t even look me in the eye.

All that aside, I hope everyone enjoyed the shit out of that game last night. You can listen to me and Dillon talking sports every Wednesday on Back Door Cover. Now hit MyBookie and make some money of your own on college basketball or some shit.

Expert or rookie, don’t be a pussy. Check out MyBookie.

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Ross Bolen

Ross Bolen is a New York Times Bestselling author, host of the Oysters, Clams & Cockles podcast, host of the Back Door Cover podcast, Rockets, Astros and Texans internet mascot, cheese enchilada aficionado, nap god, 2017 Masters attendee, and Editor-in-Chief of Grandex Media.

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