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TFM Spring Break Photo Contest Results

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After weeks of fierce competition the TFM Spring Break Photo Contest has come to a close. I’d like to thank everyone that participated. Some seriously disturbing images were submitted that will permanently haunt my dreams.

Here are some of the best photos from the contest, some of the worst fails that were submitted, and finally…the winner of the 2012 TFM Spring Break Photo Contest.


Spring Break is deer season in Panama City.

The law clearly states “NO BOARDSHORTS” you illiterate GDI deer.

Bahamas Bound. TFM.

The captain is even taking the time to make sure the keg is securely loaded. I hope you tipped him accordingly.

Topless Tens. TFM.

If I had proof that they are tens you might’ve had a shot at winning the whole contest.

Lehigh University Greeks killing it in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico last week.

This is how Spring Break is done: with a solid house in an exotic location and a good ratio.

Butt naked blackout. TFM.

He might have a pool net jammed into his grundel, but if this guy didn’t have a good time, no one did. That pool is fucking tiny though.

Perfect form. TFM.

Notice the extension of the belly to ensure that it makes contact with the water before any other part of his body. He is dedicated to his craft.

Photo bombing KDs. TFM.

“OMG this will be totes cute for our recruitment video next year! Damn it never mind!”

I dare you to find a better bikini. TSM.

This came dangerously close to winning, being a nip slip, and giving me an in-office erection.

The beloved OTPHJ. TFM.

“That’s right girl, just rub it a little. Pretend you’re passed out. No one will notice.”

Frat on frat on frat.

Next year submit a photo captioned “OTPHJ on OTPHJ on OTPHJ” and you might win.

Everything’s better in Texas.

Under normal circumstances I would say the more skin the better, especially in a Spring Break scenario, but these girls found a way to pull off the one-piece.

Taking over the sand bar in PCB. TFM.

Venturing out to the sand bar with your flag and taking over is a nice move.

Fake tits, and Spring Break in Key West. TFM.

Awesome boobage, solid caption, but not enough to come away with a win.

Blacking out mid-smash. TFM.

He was so drunk that he actually tried to bone her through a blanket. That is awesome. The water bottle on the ground might have been the difference between winning and losing.

Our slam hoists our colors…topless. TFM.

Look at her friend. She’s like, “Oh Amy! You silly goose!” Meanwhile Amy starts to regret her decision to become a topless flag-bearer and covers up.

Leaf blower beer bong. TFM.

This is incredibly ineffective, but awesome. I don’t care what anyone says; wasting beer because you can is frat as fuck. If I’m shitfaced and we’ve got 1,000 Natty Lights then I’m wasting at least 10 on beer showers, long pour chugging, and freshman cleavage moisturizing.

Almost getting hit doing a Louisville Chugger in the middle of the street in the Bahamas. TFTC.

Those fucking Bahamians shouldn’t be driving their scooters in your Louisville Chugger field.

Spring Break 12 ‘Merica.

Good-sized boat, beautiful view, and an iconic tee shirt that you can get here.

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