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Interview With The Pro Letarians

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After a few short months of college while their freshmen peers still had difficulty locating a dining hall, J.O. and Jupiter Jim two Indiana students living just doors apart were making song after song, pumping out two mixtapes in a short seven months. Their newest release, Hello Forever truly showcases the talents these up and coming so called “dorm-rappers” possess.

By sampling classic hits by artists such as The Beatles and Jackson 5, the pair has given a unique spin to the ass-shaking bitches and ho oriented rap of today.

SFPL: I get a major Kanye West vibe from both your music and beats, just minus about 3000% on the egotistical bastard scale. Would you say that’s kind of what you’re going for?

PL: We wouldn’t say that’s exactly what we’re going for. We’re not going for anything. We just make the music that comes to us, and it happens to have that Kanye-esque vibe. But he is definitely a big inspiration.

SFPL: Who are some big artists that influenced the way you guys created your own unique sound?

PL: Coldplay or Arcade Fire. When we make music we want to make glorious music. We don’t have many influences from a hip-hop standpoint, we just really like to dive into samples of rock bands that make symphonies of wonderful music.

SFPL: I have a hard enough time balancing my outrageous drinking habits, morally casual sexual attitude, and my school work as it is. How do you guys manage to find time to make music through the pure insanity that is college life?

PL: We focus on one thing, either school or music, until we’re too far behind in one of them. Then we focus our effort on whatever we fell behind with and catch up.

SFPL: Have you guys ever performed at a Fraternity party? If so, tell me about the experience.

PL: We actually haven’t rapped at a fraternity party yet, unfortunately. We had the opportunity to do a show at one of the biggest frats on campus but then they got put on probation.

SFPL: Now, I’m mostly a classic rock kind of guy myself, but I can’t deny that a rap song is the best way to get a 19-year old sorority girls shaking their asses at parties like something out of a Nelly video. Any songs of yours you’d like to recommend for this purpose?

PL: *Laughs* We don’t really make party music, but if we had to recommend
a song it would probably be the Peanut Butter Jelly Time sample “Peanut Butter Jupiter.”

SFPL: I never thought I would hear a rap song that could pull of a Beatles sample, but then I heard “Let it Be” on your mixtape. What’s it like producing a beat to go with such an iconic song?

PL: It was fun. I (J.O.) love the Beatles, and have always wanted to sample that song. Since the sample was iconic as is, the beat didn’t need to be too elaborate, just something Jupiter could flow over.

SFPL: Kill, Marry, Fuck: Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliot, and Lil’ Kim?

Jupiter: Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliot
J.O.: ^ Same thing, you heard the man.

SFPL: So you guys just released a video for your song “Church,” featuring the two of you in an extremely creepy looking place of worship. What was it like shooting a video in such an unconventional setting?

PL: It was funny because we had to sneak into the Church to record it during quiet
prayer time, until we got in there, and then it was very nerve-racking. We were concerned someone was going to come out and just throw us out. Luckily, it worked out.

SFPL: It’s not often two people so young can say they’re making successful moves in an industry as popular as this one. What’s next on the radar for the Pro Letarians?

PL: We’re working on some more videos from Hello Forever. Also, we’re going to be working with some other artists and getting some songs done for our next mixtape. Should be a good summer, look out for more videos.

Follow them on Twitter @TheProLetarians

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