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Texas Man Allegedly Bought Votes In Election With Cocaine

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Ever wonder how much it costs to buy one vote? Well, in one Texas town, the going rate is $10–or a dime bag of blow.

I shit you not, this actually happened. Francisco “Frankie” Garcia, of Donna, Texas, is being brought up on multiple charges including voter fraud. Garcia was part of a much larger scandal involving the 2012 school board elections, in which several individuals bought votes for particular candidates.

While Garcia was allegedly dropping cash through open car windows after individuals voted, others bought votes by different means. In addition to cocaine, votes were also bought with beer and cigarettes, which goes to show you how classy Donna, Texas, is.

Maybe the people who were selling their votes had some weird, fucked up sense of honor, but I just don’t get why folks like Garcia assumed they’d go through with it. I mean, it is certainly possible they didn’t care who won the election one way or the other–after all, it was for the school board. When you think about it, there really wasn’t anything keeping voters from pledging to vote one way, actually voting the other, and then taking their money or cocaine and heading on their merry way.

This whole situation makes me wonder–if one vote in a school board election costs $10 or a bag of coke, how much do you get for a vote in a governor’s race?

[via The Monitor]

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